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How to Get The Punching Gun in Saints Row

So this article is all about Saints Row’s incredible weapon The Punching Gun what it is, how it works and how to get the punching gun known as Pungus Sanctus Dei in Saints Row.




How to Get The Punching Gun in Saints Row

Basically, by just looking at the gun you can what it was made for as it is a pistol-like structure but in the front, they have set boxing gloves and when the user presses the trigger it gives a great punch to the target and that’s why it is also called as punching gun.

So that was my way of describing the weapon and let’s get to the game’s point this gun is a twin-handed wonderland punching the lights out of everybody.

So this is a weapon tied to the completion of the hidden history in El Santo Lieso and there are two different histories available in the game you have to perform them in order to get the Punching Gun in Saints Row.

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How to Get The Punching Gun in Saints Row

Punching Gun in Saints Row
Saints Row

So the first hidden history that is available in the game is St. Thomas Corvacho’s hidden history and the second one is called Meeker Square hidden history . So completing the task will directly send the weapon to your weapon stash.

St. Thomas Corvacho’s hidden history (East Providencial)

St. Thomas Corvacho's hidden history (East Providencial)
Saints Row

So once you are there in the location you will have to find different machines that will you a story and you have to interact with them and there are total of five in St. Thomas Corvacho’s and once you interacted with all of them and once done you have to return to the welcome sign from where you have started and interact with the welcome sign to complete the tasks.

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Meeker Square hidden history (Old Town West)

Now again in the Meeker Square you have to locate the different machines that will narrate the old stories and again there are five different machine available there and you have to interact with all of them. Once you interact with the machine it will start narrating the stories although you do not have to listen to complete story and you can move to the next one and once done again get back to the welcome sign and interact with it and you task is completed.

And you will get your rewards as 300 XP and 500 Bucks other than that you will also get Pugnus Sanctus Dei, 900 XP and 4000 Bucks

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