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How To Get The Ashen Curse In Sea Of Thieves

Check out the most updated guide on how to get the ashen curse in a sea of thieves on this page below.




How To Get The Ashen Curse In Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves is an amazing pirate fantasy game where you will get to experience the life of dangerous pirates and if you are a fan of jack sparrow the ultimate pirate then you are going to love the game.

You will get to explore the huge open sea, can find the very valuable treasures lost in the huge sea, find the huge and valuable lost ships and many different quests and can find the different curses in the game.

So Curses are a vanity item although they don’t go to add any special ability to your characters these awesome curses will give you a different look that will make you unique in the game as today we will see How To Get The Ashen Curse In Sea Of Thieves that will make you glow from inside that looks very cool.

How To Get The Ashen Curse In Sea Of Thieves

The Ashen Curse In Sea Of Thieves
Ashen Curse

Ashen Curse will give you a volcanic look and you will start glowing red from the inside and specifically from your eyes, chest, and hands other than that you will also get some very cool cuts on your face and arms and you can also see the very cool red light is coming out from those cuts and in order to get the Curse you have to complete the Heart of Fire Tall Tale quest. And below you can check how to complete this quest.

  • So we have to start our journey by visiting Morrow’s Peak Outpost and then to The Charred Parrot tavern, now find the Tall Tale to vote one that you have to start then.
  • Speak to Tallulah and you will get to know about the hunt of traitor Stitcher Jim for that you have to follow the instructions properly.
  • Now you have to visit the Stitcher Jim’s lair that you will find at the north end of the island and once reach there spot the lever that will remove a boulder to allow you in the passage.
  • Now in order to get the curse, you will be needed five journals and the first one will be easy to get which you can find on the left table in the room.
  • Now you will be needed the Mysterious Key for that you have to set the pillars in such a way that they read “Captain Flameheart” then you have to pull the lever and you will get the key. And there you get to know about your next location that Devil’s Thirst.
  • Now move towards the end of the north of the island and there you have to go under the water and other you have to use the open skull-shaped door. And once you enter the door you have to simply follow the directions craved on the orange crystal that will take you to your place where you will find three different coloured chambers blue, green and orange.
  • Now you have to go through all the different chambers and we will start will the blue one as soon as you will enter the chamber you have to face the traps and different enemies and there you will find the second journal next to the pile of skulls.
  • Now after getting through all the enemies and traps you will find a liver once you will pull it some rocks come out of the lava taking you to the starting point.
  • And now its time for the green chamber and as soon as you will enter the chamber you will find the 3rd journal lying on the ground again you have to face the same problems of traps and enemies and you to keep moving until you find the pile of the skull with a wooden cross and after that, you will again find the liver pull it and you will again reach the starting point.
  • Now its time for the last chamber and last journal where you will going to encounter more and more enemies and traps there you will find four livers and you have to pull them all to disable the blade and you will find the fifth journal in the middle of a trap and as you keep moving you will find the last book.
  • And as you make your way forward you will find the Stitcher Jim’s Chest Of Rage and you have to keep moving and at the same time have to dodge the fire jets once you will reach Captain Pendragon and he will unlock the chest and you will get the Ashen Curse and also the Hull of the Ashen Dragon.

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