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How To Get Schooner Vehicle In Saints Row

The schooner is an attractive car with two horses on the front side. You can unlock Schooner in Saints Row (Reboot) by completing few side mission.

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How To Get Schooner Vehicle In Saints Row

Saints Row (Reboot) has more than 50 Vehicles some identified as brand new vehicles and some of the vehicle is returning. The game has a wide category of vehicles such as Cars, Bikes, Boats, Aircraft, Monsters and DLC.

In the category of Car, you can ride many cars such as Skirmish, Compton, Blaze, Bucket, Ant, Ambulance, Barracas, MDI-525C, Buffalo, Cheetah, Courser, Ethel, Fer de Lance, Galahad, Gentry, Grandad, Schooner, Hollywood, Varsity and many other.

In this guide, we are going to share a guide on one such secret vehicle named Schooner. Here, you will know How to get a Schooner vehicle in Saints Row (Reboot).

Unlock Schooner In Saints Row

Pony Express complete to unlock Schooner
Image Source: YouTube DPJ

The schooner is a very attractive car with two horses on the front side of the vehicle. You can easily get Schooner by completing all the 12 Pony Express Side missions that have on your map. This side mission is based on the characters Diamond, Julian and Emilios.

You need to have complete Diamonds and Julians Pony Express side missions before Emilios will appear on your map. You need to first complete 4 Pony Express side missions for Diamond and 4 for Julian. This side mission will appear after you will finish previous side missions. Once you

Once you complete a total of 4-4 missions of Diamonds and Julians then Emilios will appear on your amp and will give you more than 4 missions to complete.

When you will complete all 12 missions of Diamonds (4 Mission), Julian(4 Missions) and Emilios (4 Missions) then Schooner will be unlocked. You can check out this secret car in your garage.

This was the complete guide on How to unlock Schooner Vehicle In Saints Row. You can also check out other guides on the game such as How To Get The Special Marshall Rocket Launcher and How To Get Supercars And Superbikes.

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