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How To Get Repair Tool Set Tower Of Fantasy

Want to obtain Colossus Arms then you need to have Repair Tool Sets and here we will see how you can obtain the Sets.




How To Get Repair Tool Set Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy wants you to perform differents tasks in order to achieve anything in the game and there is an items named Colossus Arms that players want to achieve in the game.

But you cannot get this item directly and you will be needed different items before you can achieve this one.

And Repair Tool Set is one such item that you will be needed with other items in order to get the Arms and if you do not have idea regarding this then you can check out this article and you will get the complete information.

How To Get Repair Tool Set Tower Of Fantasy

Get Repair Tool Set Tower Of Fantasy
Level Infinite

So in order to get repair tool set we will have to acquire fine gifts that we can purchase with the help of the training points and the gifts are available at the point store.

So in order to training points we have to go through the training course and for the we have to access the training facilities and after you have successfully completed the course you will get the training points.

So once you get the points you can then use these points to purchase gifts from the point store as your points work as currency that help you to purchase anything at the store even fine gifts.

And we have also shared article on different uses of fine gifts and one of them is increasing your awaken points with your characters. So once you get the fine gifts you will be able to select the repair tool set from the store.

And then you can use the tool kit to repair machinery that is broken so in this way you can progress in the quest and get the Colossus Arms.

Hope you get the complete informant and for you can check these articles How To Complete Jetboard Master Achievement and How to enter and complete Star Gates

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