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How To Get Milk In The Tower Of Fantasy

Milk is a very important ingredient in Tower Of Fantasy to cook some great recipes and below you can check how to get milk in Tower Of Fantasy.




How To Get Milk In The Tower Of Fantasy

Being a great MMORPG game Tower Of Fantasy creates a great aura and players are kept on attracted to the game.

And they have world Aida to explore and also different items and you can even have fun in the game as you have an amusement park for that but to do all these things you will be needed energy.

And to get the energy you have to eat food in the game there are various recipes in the game that you can cook and here you can check them Cooking Recipes In Tower of Fantasy, and to cook the food you will need different ingredients and Milk is one of them.

How To Get Milk In The Tower Of Fantasy

So you won’t find milk in abundance in the world of Aida and you have made some effort in order to get milk. So milk is not a product that you can pick from the ground and you have to buy it from a vendor.

So you have to first find vendors who are actually selling milk and then you buy the milk from those vendors and there are only vendors in the world of Aida that will sell you milk.

And all three vendors are situated in different regions Banges, Astra, and Mirroria and getting access to these regions is not quite tough if you are going through the game quite fast.

And obviously, you won’t be going to get the ingredient for free and you have to pay him 60 golds for the ingredient and you will also have a good amount of extra gold till you reach the place to buy the ingredient.

How To Use Milk In the Tower Of Fantasy

So you will be required a cooking robot with the help of which you will be able to cook different dishes with mil and below you can even check the recipes.

Cocoa Milkx2 Cocoa Beans
x2 Honey
x1 Milk
Pine Cocoax1 Pinecone
x1 Cocoa Beans
x2 Milk
Snow Azalea Teax1 Snow Azalea
x1 Milk
x1 Honey
Breakfast Cerealx2 Homi Grain
x1 Milk
Iced Orchid Surprisex2 Ghost Mushroom
x1 Milk
x1 Carbonated Water
Tower Of Fantasy Milk Recipes

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