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How To Get Daily Free Gifts In Tower Of Fantasy

Although this is not free you have to invest your time and energy but you do not have to spend any money to get these gifts.




How To Get Daily Free Gifts In Tower Of Fantasy

I think we all love gifts and in games like and as they were the gift you can get anything and nobody knows how useful they can be for you further in the game.

And when you get free gifts in the games like Tower Of Fantasy it is amazing as you have to spend money to get many of the amazing things so let’s check out you can get daily free gifts in TOF.

And even if you do not have to spend lots of time in order to get this gift you have to spend a few minutes in order to check the quest and then simply perform it as it is also very easy to complete.

How To Get Daily Free Gifts In Tower Of Fantasy

Get Daily Free Gifts In Tower Of Fantasy
Source – ZaFrostPet

So you have to perform a simple quest that you can get in the Banhes region so once you will complete the quest you will get the gift and it can be anything like items, materials, or gears.

So first you have to meet Hopkins whom you will find in the Banges region as I already told you about and then speak to him and will show his gratitude towards you for all the customers and ask you to pick a mystery gift.

After that, he will ask you to join an event and on taping on let me try you will enter the event where you will see two boxes and you have to select one by interacting with them and you will get your gift according to the selected box.

Now once you get the gift simply claim it from your inventory and for the daily gifts just visit Hopkins every day for a few moments.

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