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How To Get Away With Murder In Bitlife

Here is the detailed guide on how to get away with murder in bitlife a very heinous thing that anyone can do in their life.




How To Get Away With Murder In Bitlife

So murder is the thing that anyone can commit only they should be above the decided age and then it’s their choice, but after that, you have to be ready to face the consequences that you will face in the legal procedure same as in the real life.

And if you know murder is the worst crime and if you find guilty then you are going to face very harsh punishments in real life and the game too, so anyone who commits this crime wants to escape the place or trail and want to get away from punishments.

But unfortunately, there are some ways that can help people to get away and even our game Bitlife has some loophole using that players can get away today in this article we will see How To Get Away With Murder In Bitlife so let’s start things without any further delay.

How To Get Away With Murder In Bitlife

Get Away With Murder In Bitlife
Hitman in Bitlife

You can get away with murder in Bitlife if you commit a crime in such a way that there were no suspect or any clue that will claim that you have done the crime but if that happens somehow then the best thing will be to a very expensive and experienced lawyer who will be able to save you from the punishment.

Hier Lawyer

So lawyers have so many tricks with help of which they were able to save you, but the bigger your crime is the more expensive lawyer you will be needed and also higher the chances of getting saved and out of the jail. Although users do commit different crimes in the game and they needed lawyers for that but murder is the worst crime and that’s why lawyers is going to charge you heafty sum of money.

No Suspect Or Hitman

One more thing can save you and that is leaving no clue in the place crime scene or if you are unable to do it perfectly you can hire a contract killer in the game but for that you have to pay a hefty amount of money to the killer and he will do the crime in behalf of you and Bitizen membership will be needed for that in order to do that.

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