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How To Get And Open Dinkum Shiny Stone

Are you trying to figure out how to get and open Dinkum Shiny Stone then below on this page we have shared the well-researched guide that you can check to get some help.




How To Get And Open Dinkum Shiny Stone

This role-playing survival game is very exciting where you have to build your own town, earn money, do hunting and a lot more. You will find many rare and different items in the game that will you progress the game and Shiny Stone is one such item in the game that will help you grow.

You can get this rare item while mining or excavating but there are no specific places where you can find these stones they spawn randomly across the island that’s why we can not give you any specific coordinates but these can help you get some valuable resources.

How To Get And Open Dinkum Shiny Stone

Source – The Ginger Empire

So there are a few different ways on how you can get this shiny stone and below we have mentioned them so check them out now.

  • So digging up the rocks can be a great way to find the shiny stone but for that, you will be needed Basic Axe that you can purchase from Jhon for around 1200 Dinks.
  • But you can not just start digging the rocks you will be needed a license to do so and you have to buy a logging license that you can purchase for 250 permit points from Fletch to collect these permit points you have to perform the daily quest that you can find on your dashboard.
  • You can easily purchase and start working with the help of the earlier two items but this one is expensive and until you have played the game for some time you cannot purchase this item which stone grinder that will cost you 10,000 Dinks and you can again find it from Jhon.

So all these items can help you get the shiny stone and licence and axe will help you mine rocks while stone grinder has the ability to craft cement bags and minerals from the stones you have minded it can also help you getting Opal, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, and more so it is worth the money item.

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