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How to Find A Vial of Ocean Water In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Check out the Vial of Ocean Water below in this detailed guide.




How to Find A Vial of Ocean Water In Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are many different life simulation games like Disney Dreamlight Valley where you have to perform different tasks to progress in the main story and to perform those tasks users need different tools in the game.

But after a certain point in time, your tools need an upgrade so that you will easily be able to perform the different tasks and in Dreamlight Vally there is a task where you have to upgrade a tool that requires a Vial of Ocean Water and if you are facing problem getting the water then here you can check the guide to get the Vial of Ocean Water.

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How to Find A Vial of Ocean Water

How to Find A Vial of Ocean Water

So at a certain point, you will be going to find an ice obstacle but your royal tools have not reached a level where they can break them so you will be needed to upgrade your royal tools.

And in order to do so, you will have to meet Elsa who will give you a quest to complete that will help her to make the Warmth of Summer Potion that will give your tool the power it needs to break the ice.

And in order to make the potion, she will need five different items and a Vial of Ocean Water is one of them in order to get the item you will have to go to Dazzle Beach once you will reach the place go close to the water that is glowing and then you just have to interact with the water and you will get your item to craft the potion.

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