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How to Defeat Robarg In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy has so many differnet bosses where some are quite tough to defeat and Robarg is one of such bosses and here we will see how to defeat Robarg in Tower Of Fantasy.




How to Defeat Robarg In Tower Of Fantasy

Robarg is one of the bosses avilable in the Tower Of Fantasy game who seems like a mechanical flower with a queen sitting on the middle of the flower who is controlling the robotic flower.

Although in this huge world of Tower Of Fantasy you are going to face lots of different bosses but Robarg is the first one you are going to encounter and even the first one is so tough how we will face the other bosses.

So you will find the Robarg in Tomb of Thorns in the Southern Ring Ranges and defeating them will give you some great upgrades and awesome weapons.

Robarg World Boss Battleing Guide

Robarg World Boss Battleing Guide
Robarg World Boss Battleing Guide

So now once you reach the arena of the boss Robarg will start attacking you and if you are playing such games for the first time then most probably it will going to give you a nightmare with its 5 tough to deplete health bars.

That not enough as it has 4 white bars that you have to first deplete and then you will be able to damage the main health bars of the boss so first try to deplete the white bars quickly and then go on to the main bars.

Recognise The Pattern

Second Phase
Seconf Phase

So very thing in order to defeat the world boss is that you have to recognise the attack pattern or the boss but before that one more thing is there and they are the small bees like creature that can actually harm and they are know and needle bees.

Other than that you also have to recognise the patter of shield that it uses to reduce the damage from your attacks and it handle volt damage very easily which will make weapon switching a great option.

Other than these two thing you have to manage to dodge the thorny branches that will come out from the ground at the place you are standing.

Another thing from which you have to keep yourself away is the poisonous green gas that leave its effect in red area so if you able to go away from it area of attack it won’t harm you in any way.

Second Phase

Second Phase of Robarg guide
Second Phase

Then you will enter the second phase where you will again have to face the needle bees who are trying to defend its queen, ok so till now you should have taken a lots of damages and you have to heal yourself while you are in between the fight and now a healer will be a great help for you if you have one in your team but if not then consuming food can also give you a great boost.

Now the fight will move to its third phase where Robarg will use its tentacles to harm the characters and this one is a melee attack that will cover almost entire area and be careful that he won’t be able to grab your character otherwise it will give huge damages.

And then she will start coming to its normal form and you can again start attacking the boss that will give it some great damage and now you can use your best moves and as you will start depleting its last bar it will get aggressive and start attacking with seeds.

And at last do not use electric weapons because of its good electric resistance capability so switch the weapon and keep hitting till its last breath.


So once you have defeated Robarg you will get advanced password chest and you have to use Perfect Decipher in order to open the chest, other than you will receive tons of guides that includes random SR weapon, random SSR weapon, King Matrix, Robarg Matrix, and more.

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