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How To Complete Jetboard Master Achievement | Jetboard Master Guide

Here on this page, we have shared a detailed guide on how to complete the Jetboard Master Achievement and earn amazing rewards.

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How To Complete Jetboard Master Achievement

Jetboard in Tower Of Fantasy is an amazing vehicle that can help you in so many ways like if you want to cross a pond quickly it can help, or if you want to find Eel you use it to track and so many other tasks you can perform.

And as we know Tower Of Fantasy is an amazing MMORPG game which means there have to be a few achievements to unlock in the game but there are a lot and one of them is Jetboard Master Achievement.

So if you do not have any idea about this achievement then don’t worry we are here to help you out and without any further delay let’s check out the Jetboard Master Guide.

How To Complete Jetboard Master Achievement

Jetboard Master Achievement
Jetboard Master Achievement

To complete this achievement all you have to do is travel a specific distance with the help of the jetboard on water. So first that you have to do is get a Jetboard and for that, you have to complete a quest in the Astra region the first island and when you are leaving the region you will be awarded Jetboard.

And I hope till now you will have the relic with you and then you have to find a large water biome where you can easily travel for quite a long distance that is around 40-70 KM.

Once you get to the water body now is time for the deploying of the Jetboard and then all you have to do is surf and once you will reach the distance of 40 KM you will unlock the first achievement and in order to unlock the next achievement, you have to travel 70 KM.

Travel 40 - 70 KM
Travel 40 – 70 KM

But this is not easy you have to do it in one go like even if you get bumped into something you have to start again also 70 KM will take around 2 Hours which is not an easy task to complete.

Other than that you will also unlock another achievement which is the “I’m a Boat” achievement that requires you to swim for a certain distance surfing is also considered swimming so you do not have to perform any task separately and your achievement will be complete just by surfing on your Jetboard.

Hope you get the complete information that you are searching and if you want more such information you can check these articles Electric Eel Location In Tower of Fantasy, Tower of Fantasy Eel And Mushroom Soup Recipe, Black Truffle Location In Tower of Fantasy

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