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How to Change Text and Voice Language In Tower Of Fantasy

If you don’t how to change text and voice language in Tower of Fantasy then below you can find a detailed guide on the particular topic.




How to Change Text and Voice Language In Tower Of Fantasy

Although changing text and voice language is not quite difficult but still, there are few players who find it quite difficult to make things easy for them we have created this blog so let’s check it out.

So the developers have just released the game all over the world recently and in many places, English is not in the mainstream which makes them quite difficult for those gamers who are not well versed in English.

So to make things easy for the developers have added some other languages too so that they also get a smooth experience so to change you just have to change a few settings and below you can check the steps in order to do so.

How to Change Text and Voice Language In Tower Of Fantasy

1- First you need to click on the menu option that you can find on the right corner of your screen and on clicking the menu a few options will get open on the screen.

menu option
Different Options On The Screen

2 – Now from all the different options you have to click on the setting and that will open a new tab on your screen that you can see below and on the left side you will different options to select.

Setting Tab
Setting Tab

3 – Now in the third step you will find the language option on the left bottom click on that and you will find a next window where you will get the option to change text language and voiceover language in Tower of Fantasy.

4 – Now simply choose the language you want to use and you are good to go with the language with which you are comfortable. And the language available there are French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and others in the text language but for the voiceover language, you will only find English or Japanese.

5 – And once you are done with the process then at last try to just restart the game and you will get your preferred language.

Hope you get the complete information and if you have more questions you can ask us in the comment section or you can simply check out some other articles like Tower Of Fantasy: How To Change Food Items In Hotbar, Sea Urchin Locations In Tower Of Fantasy, Fallen Fruit Locations In Tower Of Fantasy

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