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How To Breed Entbrat In My Singing Monsters

Here on this page, we have shared well-researched content on how to breed Entbrat in my singing monsters.




How To Breed Entbrat In My Singing Monsters

Breeding this quad-element monster is not a very hard thing to do and you can find it on Plant Island, and breeding Bowgart and Noggin is the best way to obtain the monster. And the time taken to breed the monster is around 24 hours and he also has the ability to produce a decent amount of coin and you can use them so that you can get the better coin production monster.

How To Breed Entbrat In My Singing Monsters

So Breeding Entbrat can be done with help of the monsters who has ability provide all the elements but they must repeat them and below we have mentioned them in the pair of 2 or 3.

Breed Entbrat In My Singing Monsters

In the pair of 2

  • Shrubb (Plant + Earth Element) + Maw (Water + Cold Element)
  •  Oaktopus (Plant + Water Element) +  Drumpler (Earth + Cold Element)
  •  Furcorn (Earth + Cold Element) + Fwog (Earth + Water Element)

In the pair of 3

  •  Clamble (Plant + Earth + Cold Element) + Toe Jammer (Water)
  •  Bowgart (Plant + Water + Cold Element) + Noggin (Earth)
  • T-Rox (Earth + Water + Cold Element) + Potbelly (Plant)
  • Pummel (Plant + Earth + Water Element) +  Mammott (Cold)

In the pair of 3 elements has the best success rate compare to the 2 pair and also among them Bowgart+Noggin and T-Rox+Potbelly are the best.

One more thing if you use Entbrat and a non-Single Element Monster then you may also be able to Entbrat from a failed breeding attempt but with a very small amount.

So hope you get all the information that you are searching for and other than that you can also check some games and their guides like How To Make Pokeballs In Pixelmon, Dinkum How To Plant Seeds

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