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How to Become A Brain Surgeon In BitLife

Want to know how to become a brain surgeon in Bitlife the popular life simulator game then below you can check the complete step-by-step procedure.




How to Become A Brain Surgeon In BitLife

Becoming a Brain Surgeon in Bitlife is as difficult as in real life, as it is a profession that is responsible for the life and death of a person and even in the game you have to start working hard in the early stages of your life so that you get successful in becoming a Brain Surgeon in Bitlife.

We will be covering each and everything in this guide that will be required in order to become a Brain Surgeon but you have to do the hard work that will be needed and along with that you also have to be disciplined and consistent in the game in order to get approval for the such noble profession.

If I tell you in simple words then all you have to do is get yourself enrolled in a medical school complete the degree and apply for the Brain Surgeon in any hospital as they don’t need any experience and freshers are allowed for the job so just get through the interview, pass it and you will get the job.

So that was in nutshell but what if we break the whole scenario and show you what stats you will be needed how hard it will be for you? will you still want to do that if yes then be with us for a few more moments and you get the complete information on how to become a Brain Surgeon in Bitlife.

How to Become A Brain Surgeon In BitLife

Apply For The Medical School In Bitlife
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So stats play a very important part in the career of a character of Bitlife and for a better job you need to have great stats, Brain Surgeon is a high paying and reputed job which means it requires very high stats and you have to have your stats more than 90+ in Smartness, Happiness and Health.

And in your university, you have to enrol yourself in a Bio stream that will be very helpful for you to get admission in the medical school if didn’t get Bio try for Nursing or Psychology can also take you to the medical school but your first priority should always be Bio and stats should be above 90.

Once done and you get admission to Medical School you have to do further study for four years which is also very hard so after your hard work, you will be able to finish your studies and able to apply for the position of Brain Surgeon.

Once you have applied for the Brain Surgeon you then have to face the interview where different players find different kinds of questions that you have to pass and then you will the job of Brain Surgeon

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