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How To Become A Billionaire In Bitlife

Check out the below method with the help of which you will easily be able to become a Billionaire in Bitlife.




How To Become A Billionaire In Bitlife

Bitlife let you decide amaizng goals for your life in the game and one of them is earning lots of money and become a billioare which also helps you in completing the Bitionaire Achievement.

And if you are one of such person who wants to earn this much huge amount then don’t worry we are here help you out. So to do you have to take care of many differnet things and that evne before you born in the game.

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How To Become A Billionaire In Bitlife

So you have to keep the stats of your looks and smartness quite high and other than that you charcater should also born in a place where there is no tax on income so that you can don’t have to pay huge amount from your incomes.

So after you have done creating your character you now have to make your way to become a famous actor as you can earn huge amount of money by selling lots of products on social media and also with the help of the commercials.

And you will be able to take acting class when you reach the age of eight so once done go to the activities tab and ther eyou will find mind and body tab and there you ahve to select for acting classes and at the same time you have to keep your skills high.

And then after completing your school search for a part time job and at the same time try for hiring a talent agent and with the help of him give some high quality auditions and get a good role and you will become a actor.

Shoots & Commercials

Once you become a good and famous actor you can charge good amount of money for every shoot and commercials. You can also try for creating huge audiance on your social media platforms and then you can also charge for posting promotional content.

And now the final part try to buy lots of real estate with the help of the money you have earned and then after many years when these properties will have high value sell them and earn great fortune.

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