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How To Add More Students In Sims 4 High School

Do you feel that your school has quite a low strength of students and wants to add more students so let’s check out how you can do that.




How To Add More Students In Sims 4 High School

So when there are fewer people in a big high school it looks a little bit empty which definitely does not look good, and when you can only have 20 sims in a single lot considering two teachers, a lunch lady, a principal, and a maintenance guy.

So that’s already about five sims and now only you are left with 15 sims and if you do not want to include yourself then it becomes 14 sims, so let’s make sure that you will be allowed more sims to fill the big empty space.

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How To Add More Students In Sims 4 High School

Add More Students In Sims 4 High School

So in order to do that the first thing that you need to do is download MC commands a lot of guys have probably already used it. So once done just open the MC command centre and choose the option population first.

Then in the population tab, you have to go to the other setting and there you will maximum sims in the zone and there you will find the max sims as 20 and you have to increase the no. as you want in a particular zone.

You just set a no. let’s say 100 and tab is the ok option but if you do not have a well-configured machine then do go for a large no. and you can with 35 to 45 and after you have to change the no. you need to restart the game again.

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More Visitiors Options

So now you will be able to have the no. of sims you have set there, now after you have done you have to go to the build mode of the high school you are using and then go to the venue info and then the trades panel.

For the traits, you should be able to see the thumbs up icon and it says more visitors and you can see different visitors of different ages on the current lot.

Ok so what you need to do now is click on the door and there you will see more visitors options and then select more choices and you will get different options and you need to select which type of sims you want and then every 15 seconds the game will refresh and add sims to the game.

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