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Guild Wars 2: How To Get A Mount

In Guild Wars 2 you are wandering around the world of Tyria which is a huge one and you definitely want a mount to make things easy for you so let’s check it out.

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Guild Wars 2: How To Get A Mount

In order to get the mount, the path of fire expansion will be very important as in the particular expansion they have introduced the mounts. And other than that you will also require a level 80 character.

So either you can use the level 80 boost that you get with the expansion if you are not already at level 80 or you may already have a level 80 character. And if you are a completely new person then you have to complete the tutorial in order to use the boost.

So once you have completed your tutorial you will be teleported to Silverwatses with a character but if you do not like the character then you can come back and try again for a new character unless you have used level 80 boost.

One more thing I would like to suggest is boosting will character will take you away from many different game experiences so only use a boost when you have reached level 80 manually with a different character.

But if you want to mount and experience both at the same time then a better option would be a boost to level 80 get the mount and start with a new character and there you can get both the things as the mount can also be used by the new character then.

How To Get A Mount In Guild Wars 2

Level 80 boost in Guild Wars 2
Source – ArenaNet

Once you reach the level you have to press H that will open your hero panel and then click on the path of the fire chapter below you will find a button that says begin this story click that.

Now you will get a letter, read it and use the waypoints to Lion’s Arch and do not have to do anything for the points as using the level 80 boot unlock the points and even unlock many other points.

And now you have to visit Ellen Kiel’s office in Lion’s Arch and the location can easily be found in your mini-map you have to enter the story instance and finish Kiel’s dialogue and then use the door you will see above your mini-map to leave the place.

Then you have to talk to fidus whom you can find on the other side of Lion’s Arch next to the airship then finish his dialogue and enter the story and that’s where you will start finding the difficulties.

Fight To Save The Village

Fight To Save The Village
Source – ArenaNet

Now you have to enter the crystal desert then enter the pyramid and there you find the enemies so as they are quite powerful you should use your ranged weapons and once you clear the enemies you will have to fight the boss balthazar’s Herald.

Although her main focuses are NPCs so you can kill her from far but you make sure you maintain a good distance as her blow can claim your life in the game and the white circle is the most dangerous that the power to deplete half of your health.

And you can summon if you have anyone as it is the best time as they can take some of the damage for you and once her HP will reach 66% she runs off and you need to follow her and clear enemies.

And then, at last, she will spawn to forged warhond and their you have to kill her and once done now save the village from the fire and you can get a flame extinguisher from Tidus in order to douse the flames.

And you can then save the raptors and can also mount to the raptor to quickly save other raptors from the fire with the help of an extinguisher. And after you have saved them all and completed your objective.

Once done go back to Tasa and Aksim and they offer you one raptor and then with the help of the mount key you can mount the raptor and that’s it you have got your first mount in the Guild Wars 2.

Hope you get the complete information and if you want more information regarding different games then you can check these articles How To Get Repair Tool Set Tower Of Fantasy and Thymesia: Circulation Potion Recipe

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