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Genshin Impact: Sumeru Hidden Teleport Waypoint Devantaka Mountain

In this article, I will share with you the procedure to unlock the hidden teleport waypoint in Devantaka Mountain underground.




Hidden Teleport Waypoint Devantaka Mountain

So the first thing you have to do is start Vimana Agama – Ararycan World Quest to show the location of the hidden teleport waypoint.

Now you have to teleport to the Devantaka Mountain statue of the seven and head towards the northeast and there you have to talk to Ararycan.

Once you find Ararycan you have to finish her dialogue and then turn around and investigate the strange spot.

Sumeru Hidden Teleport Waypoint Devantaka Mountain

t Devantaka Mountain
Genshin Impact

Now in order to investigate the next spot, you have to make your way toward the south, once you are done with the south part you have to move toward the east part.

You have to keep your journey continuing and this time you have to move towards the west spot and then time for the upward direction and you have to reach there and you again have to do investigate.

Teleport Waypoint
Teleport Waypoint

And once you have investigated all the spots then you will get the teleport way point that you can see in the above image that we have provided for you.

Hope you get the exact answer you are searching for and if you want more such guides then you can check these articles Genshin Impact: The Rhythm That Reveals The Beastly and How To Solve The Dendro Monument Wall Symbol Puzzle

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