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Genshin Impact: Festival Utsava World Quest Sumeru (Aranyaka Part 2)

After completing Festival Utsava World Quest Sumeru you will get the rewards as Primogems. Glittering Melody, and Continuation to Aranyaka part 3 and below you can check the guide.




Genshin Impact: Festival Utsava World Quest Sumeru (Aranyaka Part 2)
Gesnhin Imapct

So this quest is the final completion of Aranyaka part 2 and to unlock this quest you have to complete the other quests from the children of the forest quest.

Now the first thing that you have to do is visit the Ardravi valley and there you to visit Rana, once you reach it you have to investigate Rana and then you will return to Vanarana with Arama.

Now you have to talk to Aranara in order to get the flowers and then you can start with Atacyan who’s on your northwest side and then you have to proceed further to go up and talk to Araesha.

Festival Utsava World Quest Sumeru

Festival Utsava World Quest Sumeru
Genshin Impact

You again have to speak to Araesha that will start the riddle and if you struggling to find the answers then the answer of the riddle is Apple, Viparyas, and Starsroom then receive your gift and proceed further to go straight neat the pond and talk to Arapandu.

Then you will get a flower as a gift and then on your left you will find Aranaga speaking to her after which you have to head straight and enter the cave to talk to Aralila, and she will ask you to play the game and then you have to hit the option let’s play.

Then you need to find her and in order to find her you have to enter the cave and climb the small hill in the middle of the cave and there you will find her. After that you have to move towards the deeper in the cave.

Genshin Imapct

There you will find different boxes on the ground that you have to destroy in order to find Aranishat after which you have to go back to Aranara village by teleport through statue of the seven.

After reaching there turn around and head straight then go down and talk to Arapacati after that you have to talk to Araphala and the Arapas. Now you will be needed water and for that you have to go the cave and in the cave you will find a small pond.

So from there you have to collect some water and go back to Arapas and give the her the water after which you have to talk to Arasaka and then Arachatora and then you have to interact with the stove to adjust the flam for them.

Next thing that you have to di is talk to Arapacati and give her the vegiie soup, according to the improvement method from paimon, Aranara finishes the dish under your guidance and after that you can enjoy the dish with Aranara.

Genshin Impact

Next you have to meet Araja and then you have to go to the bouncy mushroom that you will find near the cliff that will help you to jump to the top. And you have to climb higher and there you will find giant leaves and also unknown Aranara.

Now you have to jump down and reach the quest mark pointed area that you can see on your map section. And then you can complete the challenge by collecting 10 dendro particles and then talk to Arakanta again.

Now you have to head over straight to the pond and there you will have to speak to Arakavi where you have to play the melody by the stage after the cutscene you’ll get Glittering Melody Achivement.

Then you have to turn around and go to the bouncy mushrooms use it to climb up the cliff easier and oce there go to the the marked location on the map and then teleport to the statue of the seven and go to Araja House.

Go to Araja’s house and then Aranyaka part 2 will be completed, after that ,you can start Aranyaka part 3.

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