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Gather 5 Glacial Eels And Frosted Berries Tower of Fantasy (Story Quest)

If you want to complete the story quest of Gather 5 Glacial Eels And Frosted Berries then check the below guide.




Gather 5 Glacial Eels & Frosted Berries Tower of Fantasy

So after leaving earth and coming to planet Aida you have to perform so many different tasks in order to progress in the game.

And there are so many different story quests available in the game that can give you some great rewards when you successfully complete them and Gather 5 Glacial Eels And Frosted Berries is one of such quest.

So here on this page we will guide regarding the same if you are facing any problem getting the items.

Gather 5 Glacial Eels And Frosted Berries

Glacial Eels
Glacial Eels

In order to get the Glacial Eels you have to visit the cetus island and for exact location we have also shared the image of the map that will help you get to the location.

So once you visit the location you will see the water and glaciers and you have to options either surf there or you can swing in order to find the eels, there are ample now Glacial Eelseels available in the water so you won’t find it difficult to find the eels just reach the eels and you will get it in your inventory.

Frosted Berries
Frosted Berries

Now its time to find Frosted Berries and that you can find in the Warren Snowfield region and that was not quite far even you can reach there just by surfing towards your north and then you use your mount in order to travel there.

Now you have to explore the area and you will the Frosted Berries there as green glowing small plant like item and just touch the Frosted Berries for a few seconds you get the Frosted Berries and there are more berries in the region all you have to do is explore the are properly and you will all of them and you are done with your Story Quest.

Hope you get all the information you are searching for and if you want more guidance you can also check these articles How To Make Firedragon Fruit Tea Recipe, Tower Of Fantasy Cybernetic Arm Location , Tower of Fantasy Balloon Fruit Salad

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