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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to solve the Second Magic Gate puzzle

Disney Dreamlight Valley has some amazing quests to complete and among those quests “With Great Power” is one of here we will complete a part of the quest.




Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to solve the Second Magic Gate puzzle

So you will get the “With Great Power …” quest from Merlin after you have unlocked the Dazzle beach area that will then take you to the mystical cave and once you are there you will have to meet Merlin and then get the quest.

So in this particular quest, you will have to solve different puzzles where you have to open three different gates and perform different tasks in this post we will see how you will be able to open the second gate so that you can move further in the game.

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How to solve the Second Magic Gate puzzle

How to solve the Second Magic Gate puzzle
Image Source – Gameloft

So in order to remove the second gate, you first have to solve the first gate, we have published another article related to that and you can check that on our website, now once you are done with the first gate go further into the cave in order to find the second gate.

Once you will reach the second gate you will find three different statutes and a glowing stone that’s in the shape of a tomb. And in front of every statue, you will find a hole where you have to grow different plants of Tomato, Carrot, and Wheat.

If you do not have these seeds then you can buy them from the goofy’s stall and once you have them you have to plant them in the given order 1st statue – Tomato Seed, Second Statue – Carrot Seed, Third Statue – Wheat Seed.

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Once you have done pour some water over the seeds and wait for a few minutes and you will find that the plants are grown properly you can now the gate will open and you can then go further.

One more thing keep the resources with you as you can need them in the next area in order to prepare some recipes.

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