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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Pumpkin Soup



Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Make Pumpkin Soup

Disney Dreamlight Valley has become a very famous game in such a short time because of the engagement the game has, the game has so many different quests that help you grow further in the story and also get different items as rewards.

It also lets you make friends and increase your friendship with the residents for which you have to perform various activities like you can do fishing, cooking, digging and many other different tasks.

And it has 160 different types of recipes that you can use to make awesome food with the help of which you will be able to get a good amount of energy and at the same time you can earn some good amount of bucks by selling the dish.

How To Make Pumpkin Soup In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

How To Make Pumpkin Soup In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

So there is a dish named Pumpkin Soup that helps you gain energy and also money but the problem is many gamers don’t have the recipe or don’t know what ingredients they should use to make the dish.

But don’t worry we are here for you we have covered all the things that will help you get the thing.

So the ingredient that you will be needed is 1 Pumpkin, 1 Ginger, 1 Milk, and 1 Vegetable, once you gather all the ingredients just go to the cooking station and simply put all the ingredients together in the cooking pot and then wait for a while and you will get your dish.

Pumpkin Soup is a 4-star recipe that you will be able to sell for 1500 coins.

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