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Dinkum Where To Place Tent

Read our guide on Dinkum Where To Place Tent so that you can choose the best location for your tent.




Dinkum Where To Place Tent

Dinkum has proven itself to the users that they are going to get amazing while playing this simulation game because which huge no. of gamers have joined the game and also every day they are adding new people to the game.

Gamers have joined the game to farm, mine, trap, earn and lots more things that are available in the game and they are really interesting but to do all these amazing things you first have to start and the foremost thing you have to place your tent to the right place.

So with the help of this guide, you can get a good start on your starting day and for your progress in the game, you can check our other articles like How To Get And Open Dinkum Shiny Stone, Dinkum How To Trap Animals, Dinkum How To Plant Seeds and more are there check them out now.

Dinkum Where To Place Tent

Dinkum Awesome Place For The Tent
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So as soon as you will start the game your first task is to place your tent but if this eas your first time maybe you will face some problems placing your tent as at the starting we feel most of the things problematic and gradually things started to become easy and amazing same with the Dinkum.

So you will be given your first task to place the tent with only advice that you should place your tent near Fletch’s tent, so it is also important for you where you will place the tent of Fletch as you have to place your tent near to her.

So I think you should go to the corners of the island because there you will get access to the teleportation tower but not at the start of the game rather you have to unlock them and then you can teleport anywhere on the map and that is even very quickly.

Other than that you can go for the biggest island available on your map so that you can most of the resources on your island only and you do not have to travel much to different islands in the search of different resources.

Now the third and last place that you can choose on your map can be the centre of the map so that everything is an equal distance and you can get them easily.

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