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Dinkum How To Trap Animals

Check our latest guide on Dinkum How To Trap Animals which is a very important skill to learn in the game.



Dinkum How To Trap Animals

Dinkum is such an amazing game where you can perform lots of amazing activities that you want to do in your real life but are unable to do so and traping animal is one of such activities that you can do.

But here in this game traping animal is not just for fun rather it can help you earn some decent amount of money that you can use to progress further in the game other than that you can also give the trapped animal to the animal research centre so that they can perform their researches.

Dinkum How To Trap Animals

Dinkum How To Trap Animals
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In Dinkum, you will be needed licenses to perform different activities and to purchase the licenses you will be needed permit points there are different ways to earn permit points you can complete various quests and activities and surpassing various accolades lets you earn permit points.

So once you will earn enough permit points you can purchase the license for the particular activity and perform the Animal Trapping activity you will be needed a licence that will cost you 500 permit points. And then you can purchase the licence from Fletch by giving him the permit points.

So as soon as you will purchase the license it will unlock the most basic trap for you with the help of which you can easily bird but if you want to upgrade the trap you will be needed more permit points like if you can spend 1000 permit points then you can upgrade the trap as well as it will also increase the success rate of the trap.

So you simply have to place the trap close to your target animal, the closer you place the trap the less time it will take to trap the animal, after trapping the animal you can give the animal research centre to get dinks in exchange.

Use the dinks to purchase more permit points then use them to upgrade the trap level and trap tougher animals so that you can earn more Dinks and by following this path you can trap the toughest animals in the game.

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