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Dinkum How To Plant Seeds

Here on this, we have published the latest guide on Dinkum How To Plant Seeds that will help you grow in this simulation game.




Dinkum How To Plant Seeds

Simulation games are on the great rise and Dinkum is one of the awesome simulation games available for the players where you can perform many different activities planting is one of such activities and because of these activities it has reached a great height and become one of the most loved games.

But there are many players who are continuously struggling with many different activities and one of such things is how to plant seeds but don’t worry just read this article and you will get your answer so the first thing is you will be needed different tools that you can use to farm.

Excavation License

As I just told you that you will be needed tools in order to farm and a shovel is one of such things but in order to purchase a shovel you will need an Excavation License and in order to get the license you have to complete daily quests you will see in dashboard quite often.

Completing every questing will give you some permit points and those permit points can be used to purchase different licences available in the game, surpassing various accolades is another way to earn permit points. And you will be needed 500 permit points in order to purchase the license from Fletch. And after that, you can buy the shovel from NPC John for 900 Dinks and the second thing that you will be needed is a seed that you can get from Rayne or by cutting down plants and trees

Dinkum How To Plant Seeds?

Now once you have collected the tool need to dig the seeds then which is the easiest task for you. You simply have to dig on the ground and have to put the seed there and put the dirt on the seed and you are done, the only thing that you have to keep in your mind is pouring water on the seed and you will soon see an amazing plant.

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