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Dinkum Deep Mining Guide To Get Lots Of Minerals

Here on this page, we have shared the well-researched guide on dinkum deep mining so that you can get a good amount of ores and minerals.




Dinkum Deep Mining Guide

Dinkum is the latest released life simulation game with so many different tasks to perform that keeps the gamers on their platform for so long, as the game is based in Australia you can see so many different animals in the game and also Kangaroos whom you can catch and can send to an animal research centre in order to earn some good amount of money.

Here you will be building your own town and for that, you will require each and every resource and along with that minerals and ores so in order to get minerals and ores you have to do mining and there are many players who are facing problems in performing the task and that’s why we are here to tell you how to perform the task.

Dinkum Deep Mining Guide

Dinkum Deep Mining Guide

As soon as you will start the game you will learn this skill as this is one of the most important skills to survive in this awesome world these precious metals are very important for you to build the different things in the game.

So the first thing you will require to start your mining is the licence as with the help of this you will be able to buy the tools that you will need in order to mine the ground and another thing that you will require in the initial days is Pickaxes and it won’t last for long, so you will require a better one and later we will see how to get a better one.

Licence Level Up

So for the basic Licence that is of level 1 you have to invest 250 permit points and if you want to upgrade you Licence to level 2 and level 3 then you will be needed 1000 permit points and 3000 permit points respectively.

Better Pickaxes

So you just have to purchase the first level pickaxes that will cost you 1200 Dinks and then your pickaxes will upgrade as you will upgrade your licence like in the level 2 you will get the copper metal pickaxes and in level 3 you will get the iron metal pickaxes.

Dinkum Ore Locations

Dinkum Ore Locations

Below we have mentioned the locations where you can find the ores so go and check them out.

Tin Ore – As it is the most common one you can find it anywhere in the game and also can help you craft so many different items.

Copper Ore – So it is also a common one and also available in a different biome and this is comparatively better than Tin Ore and can also be used to create better equipment.

Iron Ore – Here is the rarest ore of the game that you can not find anywhere in the game and can only find in the mines with the help of Iron ore you can craft the best items to help you in the game.

Deep Mining

You can not do it very easily as you have to play the game for a while and also needed to complete a few tasks other than that to start mine you will also be required to invest money and resources and only the Deep Mining Licence will cost you around 3500 Permit Points. And below you can check another resource that you will be needed:

  • x5 Copper Bars
  • x10 Bags of Cement
  • x5 Tin Bars
  • x10 Old Gears
  • x1 Old Contraption
  • x2 Old Keys
  • 250,000 Dinks

But once you invest a heavy amount and energy and resource you will get the chance to get some very precious metals that you can only find by mining and not anywhere else in the Dinkum.


So quarry is another form of collecting ores and minerals but you just have to set them up once and then it will continue giving you ores and minerals but they are quite slow and also give you in small amounts so you have to set up more than one so that you can get the amount you needed. But it is also very expensive and below you can check the resources you will be needed.

  • x1 Old Toy
  • x5 Old Gears
  • x1 Old Contraption\70,000 Dinks
  • x3 Old Springs
  • x1 Button Board

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