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Dinkum – Alpha Bush Devil Boss Fight Guide

Here on this page, we have shared the Dinkum Alpha Bush Devil Boss fight guide so that it can help you with the game

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Dinkum - Alpha Bush Devil Boss FIght Guide

Dinkum one of the many amazing survival games has finally been released where you will find many amazing things and also you have to craft many different things so as to progress in the game and to make life easier and weapons are one of the things that you have to craft in the game so that you can fight and defeat various dangerous animals.

So Alpha Bush Devil is a very powerful and dangerous boss who has great power that can easily kill you easily so you must be very careful when fighting the boss and must not take the boss or fight lightly. So if you are searching for the location of Dinkum Alpha Bush Devil then you can find it in your notebook in the task section and there you can find the pinned location of the boss.

Alpha Bush Devil Boss FIght Guide

Source – Hatsuka Raigeki

So the first thing that should keep in your is that you can not fight or beat a dangerous animal bare hand so you need to have a weapon that you have to craft. So in order to beat Alpha Bush Devil, you have to craft a spear and below we have mentioned the material that you will be needed to craft the item.

  • Basic Spear
    • 1 Gum Wood Plank and 1 Tin Bar
  • Copper Spear
    • 1 Gum Wood Plank and 2 Copper Bars
  • Iron Spear
    • 1 Palm Wood Plank and 2 Iron Bars

So now once you have crafted the weapon you have to find the boss, so locate him on the map and get to him once you will be there you have to hit him once and he will start attacking you. He can throw fireballs from his mount that can seriously injure you or can also kill you. If he throws the fireballs in the sky it will then it will be fare ball rain and also very dangerous. And other than he can also injure you from his mouth.

So the best strategy will be to keep closer to him hit him once with your spear and jump to the other side and again perform the same strategy although this strategy will going to take a bit longer this one is a really effective one and you will eventually kill him.

Once you will defeat the boss you will get Raw Prime Meat as your reward and also 33,000 Dink from Fletch, so hope you will get the complete information regarding your query and you can check our other articles for more information like Dinkum Thunder Egg, Dinkum How To Trap Animal

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