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Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed: PK Slam Dunk Trophy & Achievement Guide

Want help with the PK slam dunk trophy and achievement don’t worry we are here for you and posted a detailed guide below so go and check it out.




PK Slam Dunk Trophy & Achievement Guide

So you do not have to put much effort to complete this achievement so the first thing that you need to do is go to Solaris which is the moon level.

And we have provided the map above that you can check to easily get to this place once you reach the place you will find dome shape structure and you go inside the structure.

As you enter the structure come to the center where there is a tree and you have to defeat all the enemies if you need to and over this tree you will find what normies call a basketball.

Now you just have to tap R1 that will help you levitate and then you will reach the north exit of the dome and simply leave the structure.

PK Slam Dunk Trophy & Achievement Guide

PK Slam Dunk Trophy & Achievement Guide
Source – Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed

Now you simply have to fly across the bridge and skate through the trench below and keep moving through the trench towards the north.

And after some meters you will find the four dome structures and you can enter the one which is situated in the east and once you enter the sturecutre you have to immediately body snatch one of guys standing out there.

Because it will take a few minutes to kill you if you don’t do that and now you simply have to press L3 and R3 to make the ball yellow and now R2 and it will take the ball from you and just wait for the minute and you will get the PK Slam Dunk Trophy.

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