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Conan Exiles: How To Make Hardened Brick And Its Uses

Here on this page, you will get a well-researched guide on how to make hardened brick in Conan Exiles and also where you can use them.



Conan Exiles: How To Make Hardened Brick And Its Uses

Conan Exiles is a harsh open world where users have to survive by any means to complete the different tasks that come on their way, and in order to complete the task you will be needed different tools in the game and Hardened Brick can help you with this.

So you have to invest lots of your time and energy in order to collect different items and if you want to protect them you can use hardened brick, a hardened brick base is a very safe and secure place for you and your hard-earned items.

Other than crafting powerful gears you will also be able to create things like huge water wells and advanced furnaces so now you know the importance of the hardened brick so now its time for the crafting of Hardened Brick.

How To Make Hardened Brick in Conan Exiles

Hardened Brick in Conan Exiles
Hardened Brick in Conan Exiles

In order to make hardened brick, we will be needed a few materials that we have mentioned below check them out.

  • Brick = 10 x stones
  • Stone Consolidant = 2 x Resin and 6 Plant Fibers
  • Firebowl furnace (can use others too)

Resin – In order to get resin you will have to hit a tree with an iron tool so that it will release resin and bark and you can then easily collect it but you need to make sure that the plant is alive.

Plant Fibers – This item is very easy to collect and you can easily be able to collect it from the plant with your hands.

So now you have all the materials you will be needed in order to make the hardened brick, isn’t is very easy actually it used to be quite tough to make hardened bricks but because of some previous patches, it becomes that much easy.

Uses Of Hardened Brick In Conan Exiles

Below you can find the item you can make with the help of the Hardened Brick and also how many bricks will be required in order to make such items.

  • Armored Animal Pen – This item requires 100 Hardened Bricks.
  • Sanctum of Set – This one requires around 400 Hardened Bricks.
  • Improved Furnace – With the help of 50 Hardened Bricks you can make this item.

There are more items that you can craft with the help of Hardened Bricks and hope you get the information you are searching for if you want you can check more guides on different games and here are some of them Two Point Campus: How To Open Inbox, How To Tame A Compy In ARK, Rune Factory 5: Squid Location

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