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Conan Exiles: Horse Locations & How To Tame Them (Complete Guide)

Want to know the horse locations in Conan Exiles and also how you can tame them then here we have a detailed guide for you.




Conan Exiles: Horse Locations & How To Tame Them

The horse is an awesome creature available in the world of Conan Exiles that has the ability to help you in so many different aspects like you will be able to reach one place from another quite fast, can also help you during combat and other than that it also gives a great boost to XP while riding.

So having such a mount in this harsh world can be very helpful for the players and the good part is it is a tameable creature so today we will teach you how you can tame a horse in Conan Exiles.

But before taming a horse we first have to locate them and then only we will be able to tame them so first will see the Conan Exiles Horse Locations and then will move further in the game.

Conan Exiles Horse Locations

Below we have mentioned the location and also shared the image with the help of which you will be able to reach the place.

1st Location

1st Horse Location of Conan Exiles
Source – Pixelcave

So in the above image, you can find a circle drawn between K5 and K6 and that is a location where you have to visit in order to locate a horse.

2nd Location

Horse Second Location On Conan Exile Map G9
Source – Pixelcave

The next location where you can find the horse is G9 which you can see on the map with a drawn circle so move to the location find the horse and tame the horse with help of our taming guide.

3rd Location

Horse Location in Canon Exile between B10 and C10
Source – Pixelcave

So this is the 3rd and last location where you can find horses in the Conan Exiles game which is situated between B10 and C10 that you can see on the map.

How To Tame Horse in Canon Exiles

Taming a horse is quite easy and you first have to find a foul for that you can take the help of the above content once you find one take it back to your stable and there you have to grow the foul into a full-grown horse and keep in mind that you can not do that if you are below level 15 and can not ride a horse if you are below level 20.

How To Tame Horse in Canon Exiles
How To Tame Horse in Canon Exiles

In order to grow the foul, you have to feed him properly and you can feed these items to grow him Shadespiced Highland Berries, Desert Berries, seeds, Asura’s Glory and many other different food items.

Now in the next part, you have to craft a saddle where you will be required Armorer and Novice Saddle-maker. And you can get Armorer at level 10 so as you are at 15 or more you can easily get that if still do not have that.

The next thing is Saddler’s Worktable and for that, you will be required 80 x wood, 50 x leather, and 5 x Twine and then you will easily be able to get Novice Warhorse Saddle at Level 20 and then able to grow foul and tame the horse.

Hope you get all the information you are searching for and if you want some more guides then here you can check them Conan Exiles: How To Make Hardened Brick And Its Uses, What Is Karma In Bitlife And What Does It Do, How To Complete Assignments In Two Point Campus

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