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Black Truffle Location In Tower of Fantasy

In this guide, we have shared the Tower of Fantasy Black Truffle Location and the use of the item.



Black Truffle Location In Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is one of the popular action Role Playing Games which you can explore and enjoy. In this game, you need to progress with main story missions, level up your character and do lots of things to become the best Wanderer.

The game has different resources that you can find and collect to complete some tasks in the game. You can also enjoy cooking some delicious dishes but to cook any specific dish you need to have the ingredients of the recipe.

If you are going to cook Truffle Fried Rice then you should have Black Truffle. Don’t worry, here we are going to share all available locations of Black Truffle in the Tower of Fantasy.

Where To Find Black Truffle In Tower of Fantasy

 Black Truffle location map tower of fantasy

The Tower of Fantasy Aesperia map has different regions. If you are going to search Black Truffle in Astra then you should stop right now and go towards the Warren Snowfield Region of Aesperia. There are multiple locations to get Black Truffle that you can check on the map given above.

Black Truffle Uses In ToF

You can use this food Black Truffle to make Truffle Fried Rice and consume the dish to reinstate 20 satiety and obtain (+2% + 150) Physical damage for 1200 sec.

This was the complete guide on Black Truffle Location In Tower of Fantasy. You can also explore other guides of the game such as Fruit Cake Tower of Fantasy and Fiddlehead Pie Recipe. If you have any other queries related to the Tower of Fantasy then never forget to comment to us below.

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