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ARK Brontosaurus: How To Tame, Locations, Drops, & Food

ARK Brontosaurus is one of the largest creatures in the game and here you can find all the information regarding the creature.




ARK Brontosaurus: How To Tame, Locations, Drops, & Food

Brontosaurus is a Herbivore large Dinosaur with a Docile temperament the creature is so massive that it mostly ignores most of the other creatures available in the game.

Because of its Docile nature, this Dinosaur is not at all built for any type of combat although with his tail swipe that is large and heavy he can deal a good amount of damage to his opponent or can also hurt survivors.

Although you can not ignore the creature because of its hugeness and also the quake it produces while walking but still if you do it can easily kill your or any small creature by just stepping on them.

Because of its huge structure, it also has a huge health bar that is not easy to deplete and without high-level hunting dinos or ranged weapons, you won’t be able to kill them.

So now we have told you enough about the Dino and now if you want to tame the creature check out the next heading.

How To Tame ARK Brontosaurus?

How To Tame ARK Brontosaurus?

So one of the very awesome methods, in order to tame slow creatures, is to use ranged weapons on them that will be very effective and safe for you so you can use tranq darts and arrows that will be a great option for you.

Other than you can also take the help of your friend in order to go above the Brontosaurus but make sure both of you are at a good height otherwise he will be able to hit you and from there you can shoot the creature.

Even you can climb the top of a tall, steep cliff and from there you can hit the dino so that it won’t be able to hit you so all of these things will help you make him down and thereafter you have to feed him his preferred foods and gradually his taming bar will get full and you will get your giant creature.

ARK Brontosaurus Prefered/Taming Food

ARK Brontosaurus Prefered/Taming Food

One thing you have to keep in mind is that all the no. that we have mentioned below is for the level 1 Bronto but as the level will increases no. of foods will also get increase.

  • Exceptional Kibble – 7
  •  Fresh Barley – 66
  • Fresh Wheat – 66
  • Soybean – 66
  • Dried Wheat – 66
  • Mejoberry – 88
  •  Berries – 132

Brontosaurus Locations

There are no specific locations where you will find Brontosaurus but if we use common sense we will see that this much huge creature needs a lot of space to roam so you can mostly find him in the area where there is a lot of space for the creature.

ARK Brontosaurus Utilities

Brontosaurus has some great utilities that make him a great tame and below you find the utilities of ARK Brontosaurus.

  • Tank – So this one does not need any explanation because of the huge structure of the creature it can easily stop most of the attacks.
  • Defence – Although the creature is quite slow in nature but still it has its own power with help of which it can tackle enemies and its long and powerful tail helps him a lot
  • Transport – Peace loving tribes in the game use the creature for massive weight tranpost and because of its massive base and huge weight carrying capacity makes it a great transport for the survivors.


  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Hide
  • Sauropod Vertebra
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