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Yugioh Master Duel Deck Tier List (October 2022)

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Yugioh Master Duel Deck Tier List

Our well-researched Yugioh Master Duel Deck Tier List is very helpful for all the players searching for the best characters in the game, as here we have created a well-researched characters list in different tiers to make the things easy for you.

One thing i want to share with all the gamers is that as the game rolls out the upgrade the stats of the players also got changed and with that you also have to change your squad in order to have the best players in your team and here we update our list as soon as they developers tools out the upgrade.

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Yugioh Master Duel Deck Tier List

We have divided the list into five different tiers from S to D where S stands for the strongest characters and D stands for weakest characters which players must avoid at any condition.

YuGiOh Master Duel S Tier Deck

  • Eldlich Deck
  • Tri-Brigade Zoo Deck
  • Drytron Deck

YuGiOh Master Duel A Tier Deck

  • Invoked Deck (Dogmatika/Shaddoll)
  • Dinosaurs Deck
  • Adamancipator Deck
  • Phantom Knights Deck
  • 60 Card Grass Deck (Thunder Dragons/Zombies/Snow)
  • True Draco Deck
  • Pure Zoodiac Deck
  • Salamangreat Deck
  • Pendulum Magicians Deck
  • Virtual World Deck
  • Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade Deck
  • Dragon Link Deck
  • Spyral Deck
  • Sky Striker Deck
  • Prank Kids Deck

YuGiOh Master Duel B Tier Deck

  • Altergeist Deck
  • Unchained Deck
  • Ignister Deck
  • Shaddoll (Pure) Deck
  • Burning Abyss Deck
  • Endymion Deck
  • HERO Deck
  • Code Talkers Deck
  • Cyber Dragons Deck
  • Danger/Kaiju/Luna/OTK Deck
  • Madolche Deck
  • Trap Trix Deck
  • Dragonmaids Deck
  • Infinitrack/Machina Deck
  • Gren Maju Deck
  • Nekroz Deck
  • Thunder Dragons Deck
  • Numeron Deck
  • Lunalight Deck
  • Orcust Deck
  • Infernoid Deck
  • Subterror Deck

YuGiOh Master Duel B Tier Deck

  • Mekk-KnightDeck
  • Shiranui Deck
  • Live Twin Deck
  • Magical Musket Deck
  • Monarchs Deck
  • Blackwings Deck
  • Zefra Deck
  • Fluffal Deck
  • D/D/D Deck
  • Galaxy Deck
  • Utopia Deck
  • Dark Magician Deck
  • Tenyi Deck
  • Satellarknights Deck
  • Blue-Eyes Deck
  • Zombies Deck
  • Crusadia Deck
  • Infernoble Deck
  • Atlantean/Mermails Deck
  • Toons Deck
  • Mathmech Deck
  • Kozmo Deck

YuGiOh Master Duel D Tier Deck

  • ABC Deck
  • Trickster Deck
  • Crooked Cook/Exodia Deck
  • Generaider Deck
  • Phantasm Spiral Deck
  • Fossil Dyna Stun Deck
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