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WOTLK Healer Tier List (October 2022) – Best Healer Ranked Wise

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WOTLK Healer Tier List

Here on this page we have share the WOTLk Healer tier list so that you can choose the best one, Warth of the Lich King is the second set of expansion for the amazing online multiplayer Role Playing game World of Warcraft. The game is very popular and as you may know their are different healers in the game that will help you to heal your health which makes it quite difficult to choose for the players.

WOTLK Healer Tier List

We have divided the list into 4 different categories where S Tier has the best Healer while C has the healer which one should avoid. Although tier list is not final they do change with updates but for now you can consider this list and we also update our list with all the updates.

WOTLK Healer S Tier List

Holy Priest

In the recent updates Holy Priest have got some amazing changes that bring it to the top of the rankings. And they get their main strength from high healing output in heavy-HPS encounters. Also it has exclusive ability to cast spells upon death through. Along with that the healer also provides some amazing tools and group utilities.

Restoration Shaman

This healer is one of the best healers for coming back from the critical situations also able to heal high and constant damages as long as target are closed to each other. Other than it is also the sole healer who has the ability of interrupt through Wind Shear and also able to self-resurrect upon death.

WOTLK Healer A Tier List

WOTLK Healer A Tier List

Restoration Druid

This healer get the title of average healer that has an average output damage and a awesome HSP profile. With this healer you will be able to get Ursol’s Vortex, Cyclone, Soothe and Stampeding Roar.

Holy Paladin

This is a kind of unique healer that has the ability to improve the specification and make the ability of better gear as the season goes on. Also if you compare the damage output with other healer you will see a great difference with this healer. And this is a sole healer that has the immunity through Divine Shield.

WOTLK Healer B Tier List

Discipline Priest

With this healer you will experience the best external party cooldowns, pain suppression, and power word barrier that makes it the perfect against the high HPS fight and still able to maintain the high DPS.

WOTLK Healer C Tier List

Mistweaver Monk

Because of its lower damage output we have to put the healer into this category otherwise it provides the highest raw HPS output. Also the healer has some other disadvantages like no external cooldowns, no party-wide damage reduction ability which makes this healers low in the category.

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