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World Flipper Tier List & Reroll Guide (October 2022)

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World Flipper Tier List & Reroll Guide

Here on this page, we have shared a world flipper tier list that will help you in the selection procedure of the best characters in the game that will eventually increase your chance of winning the battles in the game.

If you are a new player and not familiar with the characters in the game then this tier list also going to be very helpful for you. The game will check your surviving and fighting skills as in the game your world will get flipped and you have to survive there.

When you are battling with your opponent then you can have 6 characters in your squad among which you can have 3 main characters and 3 supporting characters other than that you also got the option to select the leader of your squad.

And selecting a leader is a very important part of making your team win the game and maximizing the leader’s powers also affects the game. But as there are around 160 characters in the global version of the game and 358 in the Japanese version of the game you will face huge difficulties in the selection of the best characters.

But we have made the list that will help you in the game and we han’t included all the all the characters in the game so that it will be easy for you and you also do not get bored to slecet your best character.

World Flipper Tier List

World Flipper Tier List

We have divided the World Flipper Tier List into 5 different tiers from S to D where S have the best characters and D tier have the worst characters in the game. We have also added the rarity and role of the characters in the game to make it super easy for you.

World Flipper S Tier List

RizelleFist4 Star
ClarisseSword5 Star
SiltyStaff5 Star
PhilliaSword5 Star
VeronSword5 Star
AliceFist4 Star
LazeltSpecial5 Star

World Flipper A Tier List

SuizenFist5 Star
NephtimArcher5 Star
SoniaSpecial5 Star
InahoSword5 Star
MarinaFist5 Star
BercetiaSpecial5 Star
CagliostroFist5 Star

World Flipper B Tier List

LannerSword4 Star
WagnerSpecial5 Star
MurakumoSword5 Star
AlmArcher4 Star
LeonArcher5 Star
EcreelSword5 Star

World Flipper C Tier List

ArisaSpecial4 Star
ShiroSword4 Star
AsukirimaruArcher4 Star
RegisSwordsman4 Star
ArcSpecial4 Star
RamsStaff4 Star
JayFist4 Star
DearSupport4 Star

World Flipper D Tier List

LunaluSword4 Star
MiaSword4 Star
GlideFist4 Star
HanabiArcher4 Star
HelgaSword4 Star
SharonArcher4 Star
SoushiroSpecial4 Star
MercelFist4 Star
OrouruSword4 Star
EliyaSword4 Star
YuelArcher4 Star
AzelArcher4 Star
KiraSupport4 Star
MinoSupport4 Star
AmeliaSword4 Star
AndySupport4 Star
BiancaSword4 Star
JelalSpecial4 Star
FinnFist4 Star
LiamSword4 Star
EleanorSword4 Star
MarianneSword4 Star

World Flipper Reroll Guide

As there are huge no. of characters in the game and some are better than others so if you get a character whom you do not like then you can simply reroll to get the another character.

  • Open World Flipper the simply Complete, or skip, the tutorial
  • Collect a bunch of freebies that you will get in your game mailbox
  • Then Roll for some World Flipper characters in the portal
  • If you get a character you do not want, go to the menu
  • Press account info, then unregister account
  • Login with a new account, then roll again
  • Repeat these steps until you get the characters you want

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