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Valor Legends Tier List & Reroll Guide – Best Legends Ranked Wise

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Valor Legends Tier List

Here on this page, we have shared the most updated valor legends tier list where we have mentioned all the legends category-wise from strongest category to weakest category. Also, there are different factions in the game that we have mentioned to help all the payers.

So many different characters in the game make it very difficult for the players to select the best ones for their team, as a limit of characters in a single battle makes it very important for the players to choose the best ones.

Let’s see which hero has the ability to outperform another one and for that you can check the below provided Valor Legends Tier List.

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Valor Legends Tier List

Valor Legends Tier List

We have divided the characters into different tiers and classes that will make the selection process easy for you. We have divided the characters from tier S to E where S is for the strongest characters and E tier characters are the weakest ones.

S Tier

  • Lionel: Warrior – Forest – tank capable of surviving late game PVE rounds
  • Eric: Warrior – Legion – Better for PVP over PVE compared to Lionel
  • Olivia: Priest – Light – Her active heals every member & atack speed
  • Margaret: Priest – Undead – An amazing non L/S healer
  • Flora: Priest – Forest – periodically dispels all debuffs
  • Yulvyin: Mage – Shadow – Very high damage in most gamemodes
  • Garr: Assassin – Shadow – Strong AOE
  • Oche: Mage – Legion – Very high damage and great CC
  • Suvere: Priest – Shadow – immunity to an ally
  • Sinclair: Mage – Light – High ultimate skill damage
  • Cardelin: Warrior – Undead – Better for PVP over PVE Huge shields + Self sustain
  • Ramiel: Assassin – Undead – Good CC, immortality, some self-heal
  • Felix: Ranger – Light – Targets the backline with his Ult and reduces enemy ATK
  • Sellier: Ranger – Shadow – Great damage & good support
  • Telwihr: Ranger – Legion – High damage output

A Tier

  • Yesacco: Warrior – Shadow -The Support and CC on the hero go hand in hand.
  • Terrence: Assassin – Forest – good damage and a dodge shield
  • Diana: Ranger – Undead – Permanently silences the front enemy unit

B Tier

  • Milton: Mage – Legion – Damage dealing hero
  • Ixlott: Ranger – Legion – Good against assassins (thx gregor)
  • Gisela: Mage – Legion – Good CC with her sheep
  • Waga: Priest – Legion – Great for supporting an ally
  • Grigor: Priest – Legion – Massive buff to ally energy
  • Achis: Mage – Undead – damage share (75%)
  • Liv: Ranger – Forest – CC has a 75% chance per arrow to petrify
  • Renee: Ranger – Legion – good ultimate
  • Sota: Assassin – Legion – stun and some great damage
  • Catarina: Warrior – Light – heal and dispells debuffs
  • Bally: Assassin – Undead – Increased power with time
  • Frode: Mage – Forest – Has very solid CC
  • Renaud: Warrior – Forest – Defensive passives

C Tier

  • Bella: Assassin – Undead – A good CC and reduces enemy attack speed considerably
  • Brooke: Ranger – Undead – CC is a gamble

D Tier

  • Darby: Ranger – Forest
  • Beelzebub: Assassin – Undead
  • Edwyrd: Ranger – Forest

E Tier

  • Raghnall: Mage – Legion
  • Ayla: Warrior – Legion
  • Seth: Warrior – Undead
  • Norton: Warrior – Undead
  • Patrus: Warrior – Forest
  • Primo: Mage – Forest

Valor Legends Reroll Guide

Follow the simple process and you will be able to perform Legends Reroll.

  • You simply need to start the game, select the server and skip the cutscenes.
  • Then you need to finish the first three battle tutorials.
  • Now you need to skip when you get the option to clear stages 1 to 10.
  • Now you can easily claim your gems and rewards.
  • Now Go to the mainland screen, then into the summoning menu.
  • Then simply Use your gems and summoning books.
  • If you are good with your summon but if not then simply go to account and switch to the guest.
  • Repeat the above process until you are happy.
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