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Tribes Of Midgard Class Tier List



Tribes Of Midgard Class Tier List

Here on this page, we have shared the well-researched Tribes Of Midgard Class Tier List that will help you to choose the best class that suits your gaming style. Before start playing you must gather proper information about the different classes as different characters of different classes have different kinds of abilities.

So when you will start with the game you have only 2 classes available out of 8 and you have to unlock the rest of the 6 classes that required completing a side quest. And below you can check the Tribes of Midgard Class Tier List.

Tribes Of Midgard Class Tier List

We have divided the class into three tiers from S to B where S class is the top class in the game and B is the weakest class.

S Tier

They are are top calss having some awesome abilities that you can check below.


He is the one who will supply weapons to all other characters of your team and also other important crafting material all across the maps. He is also very helpful to keep your enemies ways for sometime by building buildings and different structures and also with very small resources he can build structures. So you can not miss the chance to have a warden in your squad.


This is a starter class and he has some great abilities like he is the one who can deal with high damages also he uses his spell using abilities and can give great damages to the opponent but it becomes lethal when use the combinations of spell and other that he also able to self-revive. So after reading all the abilities you must have idea that you must not miss him.


This is a support class who has the ability to heal and speel to, so he can heal the characters of your team who got damaged. Also he has the ability to stun the enemies with the help of his magical spells, which will give you enough time to heal and able to fight for much longer.

B Tier

The average class who also has goos abilities and stats but you need proper skills to use them.


He owns a huge hammer in his hands that makes him the muscle of his squad. He is really powerful and able to do blasts that has the ability to give great damage to all the enemies at a particular radius. And one thing you should keep in your mind at the time selection that he is not very quick.


He will give make your defense part very powerful with the help of his shield which he can also use as a weapon if needed. He is able t throw his shield to his enemies that will buy you some time as it was not capable to do much damage. You must select him as there must be a good defender in your team and he has that ability.


You can guess the class from the name and Ranger attacks the enemy from distance, other that damaging enemies from far he also has the ability to enables your character to be very fast and agile. He also has the ability to shoot many enemies with a single arrow and he also uses the used arrow.

C Tier

They are the weakest characters whom you must not choose or only if you have no option left.


They are another defender class in the game but not as powerful as sheer but they have in your team keep them in the front row so that can take the best blow and big guys have their full life and able to win the match.


Here we have our trickester who has the ability to deceive the enemies and distract them to give you enough time to fight or heal. he Recall Totem blessing of the Hunter gets you a free revive or re-do card in the game, place the totem anywhere on the map and you will respawn there after you die. So if you want to eveade death you can select the class.

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