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Tekken 7 Tier List – Best Characters Ranked Wise



Tekken 7 Tier List

There are many different fighting games available on the market but the Tekken series has its own charm and huge no. of loyal customers and this is the 7th edition of the series. As the game has grown itself in the terms of graphics, moves, and other things players have also grown themselves with the skillsets.

Players have developed their own different strategies and you have no idea what going to come next and how you will be able to counter that. So in the Tekken, you have to fight with your opponent with help of kicks, punches, and your different special moves and one who depletes the health of the other player first will win the battle.

Tekken 7 have different players who have their own different abilities and choosing the best player can help you increase your chance of winning the battle. So if you are new players who don’t have info about the players, or if you are a veteran player who keeps trying to win the battle but keeps on losing then for you we have created this Tekken 7 Tier List.

With our tier list of Tekken 7, you will be able to select the best players of the game and you will be then able to win the matches so now without any further ado let’s see the list.

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Tekken 7 Tier List

We have divided the characters into six different tiers that are from Tier S to Tier D where the S tier has the strongest characters and Tier D contains the lowest-performing in the game.

One more thing this list is according to our research and experience if you think any characters are on the wrong tier then that is completely democratic as different players have different opinions and skillsets.

Tekken 7 S Tier

JuliaNeutral game and dizzying mix-ups
LeroyHard, accurate, and safe hits
FahkumramComplete package
SteveUnorthodox style of fighting
GeeseBridge combos
AkumaBurst damage
MardukRushdown fighter

Tekken 7 A Tier

KazumiCommittal moves
PaulDevastating offensive options
DragunovMoves, combos, grappling
BryanStrong but short attacks
KingUnique playstyle
Jack 7Slow but strong
ClaudioTrue mid-rangers
MiguelDevastating attacks and decent mix-ups
Devil JinSolid offensive and defensive
GanryuSlow, heavy-hitting attacks

Tekken 7 B Tier

ElizaProjectiles, speed, power
HeihachiQuick lows and launchers
LeeUnpredictable moves
JosieHard-hitting fighter, quick
KazuyaCommittal moves
KunimitsuMix-up and poke fighter
Lidia SobieskaPressuring the enemy
Feng WeiGood move set
LiliMovement and range of attacks
ShaheenGood poker and counter fighter
AlisaPoking tools, movement, and mix-ups

Tekken 7 C Tier

EddyFlashy capoeira style of fighting
XiaoyuTechnical fighter, quick strikes
AsukaDefensive punisher
NeganRange of moves
ZafinaQuickness, good moves
BobAll-around fast fighter
NinaSpeedy attacks and long combos
LeoFast and flashy, long combos with multiple hits
Master RavenRange of attacks, safe teleports, and quick movement
LarsFlashiest combos

Tekken 7 D Tier

HwoarangSolid fighter
LeiVaried stances and playstyles
KatarinaA simple fighter to play
YoshimitsuThe weird and erratic move set
AnnaShe doesn’t require a precise setup
Armored KingPressure-heavy strikes
NoctisUnique, simple fighter, good reads

Tekken 7 E Tier

Lucky ChloeGimmicky moves
GigasRushing down opponents
Kuma/PandaOffensive game
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