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Sword Master Story Tier List (November 2022)

Here on this page, we have shared a detailed guide on Sword Master Story Tier List that can help you choose your best sqaud.

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Sword Master Story Tier List

Sword Master Story is an action RPG game where choosing the best squad can be very important to defeat the enemies and when you get to see new characters very often it becomes very difficult to choose the best characters for your squad.

And there we will help you out with our tier list that we try to update with every new character introduced to the game so that you know where you invest your time and also where you must not invest your time.

When you create your squad you have to keep certain things in your mind about the character like their role, strength, stats and some other things then only you can create a balanced and powerful squad, and with the help of our tier list you can do so but before that, you should know a bit about the game so let’s first check that out.

Sword Master Story’ Introduction

Sword Master Story' Introduction

Sword Master Story is one the best RPG game available in the market which was released on 17th September 2020 by Super Planet. So in the game, you play as Lugrant the princess of the Elgrad Empire and the only Sword Master left in this world who has to fight the bad powers.

But you won’t be able to fight evil alone and you have to make your own squad of different characters who have different strengths so that they can help you in the battles and together you can beat powerful armies.

The game gives you a great action experience with the awesome weapons it has like a dual blade and these things will make you stick to the game for a long.

Sword Master Story Tier List

Sword Master Story Tier List

So in our Tier List of Sword Master Story, we have ranked the characters according to their strengths and usefulness and divided them into four different categories that are from tier S to tier C so without any further ado let’s check them out.

Tier S

Sword Master Story Characters who fall in the S tier are very rare as they have really great strength and are a must to have characters in the squad as will provide you with a significant advantage over your opponent.

  • Mia – God tier
  • Kana
  • Rosie
  • Megumin
  • Yui
  • Cain
  • Lilith
  • Dark Lord
  • Odin
  • Mary
  • Efreet
  • Ymir
  • Rachael
  • Ais
  • Darkness
  • Ryu Lion
  • Airi

Tier A

After the above characters, you should always try for the Tier A characters as they hold great strength that is very helpful for you in the Sword Master Story, their ability to infuse high damage can be quite deadly for the enemies.

  • Aqua
  • Aina
  • Lucifer
  • Theseus
  • Kalisia
  • Bell & Hestia
  • Lugrant
  • Dark
  • Artemis
  • Athena

Tier B

With tier B characters you can start your game although they are not as strong as S and A tiers as you upgrade these characters they can become great ones to play with. They have great versatility as they can be used as both offensive and a defensive player.

  • Cayron
  • Gaia
  • Joan of Arc
  • Hestia
  • Lyn
  • Vivian
  • Ares
  • Belphegor

Tier C

It will be best if you do not invest your time in these characters as they are really not worth your time as they do not have that much strength to help you win the battle also it will make your squad weak so it better is to go with all the other characters which can be helpful for you.

  • Robin
  • Hippolyts
  • Rina
  • Chaos
  • Johan
  • Ceres
  • Bella
  • Hera
  • Alice
  • Sylvia
  • Medusa
  • Lena
  • Merlin
  • Nike
  • Iris
  • Chloe
  • Ananke
  • Eve
  • Sophia
  • Medea
  • Adolph

Hope you get a clear picture of the Sword Master Story Tier List if you want to check out the tier list of other games then we have a separate list on our website that you can check and some similar articles are Battle Cats Tier List and Skill Tier List.

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