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Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List And Rarity List



Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List And Rarity List

Here on this page, you can find the most updated Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List And Rarity List in order to select the best breath in the game that will help you increase your chance of winning in the game.

Slayers Unleashed is a very interesting Roblox fighting game where if you want to become the most powerful player of the game then you need to have the best breath in the game that will give you an edge over the other players.

Normally you have to do a roll in order to get breathing skills but there are also a few events in the game that will allow you to earn some breath. And to help you out we have mentioned the Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List And Rarity List so check them out now.

Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List

breathing tier list into five different tiers

We have divided the breathing tier list into five different tiers from S to C which has the strongest breathing skill and C has the weakest breathing skills.

S Tier

Breathing SkillType
First Fang Beast Breathing
Second FangBeast Breathing
Spatial AwarenessBeast Breathing
Whirling FangsBeast Breathing
Spatial SlashBeast Breathing
Azure Unknowing FireBlue Flame Breathing
Sapphire SunBlue Flame Breathing
Cobalt RiftBlue Flame Breathing
Azure Universe Blue Flame Breathing
Dark ThunderclapDark Thunder Breathing
Dark LightningDark Thunder Breathing
Dark SixfoldDark Thunder Breathing
Dark SpiritDark Thunder Breathing
Dark ThundersDark Thunder Breathing
Dark Thunder SwarmDark Thunder Breathing

A Tier

Breathing SkillType
Floral Rush Flower Breathing
Whirling PedalsFlower Breathing
Flower BlossomFlower Breathing
Flower BlossomFlower Breathing
True FlutterInsect Breathing
Caprice Insect Breathing
Nectar EyeInsect Breathing
Compound EyeInsect Breathing
First LoveLove Breathing
Love ShowerLove Breathing
Passion GraspLove Breathing
Distant HazeMist Breathing
Eight Layered MistMist Breathing
Obscuring CloudsMist Breathing
Lunar DisperseMist Breathing

B Tier

Breathing SkillType
Evening Palace Moon Breathing
Loathsome MoonMoon Breathing
Mirror of MisfortuneMoon Breathing
Moon-Dragon RingtailMoon Breathing
Serpent SlashSerpent Breathing
Coil MoveSerpent Breathing
Serpent SlideSerpent Breathing
RoarSound Breathing
Blade ReverbSound Breathing
Resounding SlasheSound Breathing
Upper SmashStone Breathing
Rapid ConquestStone Breathing
Polar StoneStone Breathing

C Tier

Breathing SkillType
Solar Dragon HazeSun Breathing
Dancing FlashSun Breathing
Sun Ray ThrustSun Breathing
Flame DanceSun Breathing
Thunderclap and FlashThunder Breathing
Heat LightningThunder Breathing
Thunderclap and Flash SixfoldThunder Breathing
Rice SpiritThunder Breathing
Distance ThunderThunder Breathing
Thunder SwarmThunder Breathing
Water Surface SlashWater Breathing
Water WheelWater Breathing
Whirlpool Water Breathing
Piercing Rain DropWater Breathing
Waterfall BasinWater Breathing
Constant FluxWater Breathing
Whirlwind CutterWind Breathing
Purifying Wind Wind Breathing
Rising HurricaneWind Breathing
Gale SlashWind Breathing

Slayers Unleashed Breathing Rarity List

  • Swamp (30% Chance)
  • Tamari (30% Chance)
  • Arrow (15% Chance)
  • String (12% Chance)
  • Drum (10% Chance)
  • Blood (7% Chance)
  • Enmu (5% Chance)
  • Speed (5% Chance)
  • Doma (4% Chance)
  • Daki (3% Chance)
  • Gyokko (3% Chance)
  • NEW: Easter (3% Chance)
  • Gyutaro Sickle (3% Chance)
  • Shadow (3% Chance)
  • Akaza (2% Chance)
  • Hantengu (2% Chance)
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