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Sdorica Tier List And Reroll Guide

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Sdorica Tier List And Reroll Guide

Here on this page, we have shared the Sdorica Tier List that will be going to help a lot of players in order to select the best characters in the game that will eventually increase their chance of winning the game.

One more thing that I want to share will all the players playing Sdorica is that this tier list is not eternal as it will get changed as soon as developers will rolls out an update of the game so we will update the list here and you must come and check out the Sdorica Tier List in order to dominate other players.

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Sdorica Tier List

We have divided the characters into 5 different tier from S to D where the S tier have the strongest characters in the game and characters in the D tier are the weakest whom you must not select at any cost.

S Tier

Masked Girl6228510
Nigel SP702408
Sophie SP6030010

A Tier

Angelia SP623008
Leah SP702408
Maria SP5634510

B Tier

Alice 602858
Dylan SP 583008
Sione SP6428510

C Tier


D Tier

Izumi SP 662708
Izumi MZ603158
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