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Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List (October 2022)

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Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List

Here on this page, we have shared the well-researched Roblox Anime Dimension Tier List so that you can select the best characters in the game that increase your chance to win the game. Anime Dimensions is a very excited Roblox game where you will find a list of familiar faces of anime characters.

And each character that you will choose has its own ability in the game that helps you to win the game. But there are so many options to choose from which always makes it quite difficult to select the best one and that’s why we have made this well-researched Tier List for your help.

Also, the characters have more than 1 ability, and that is why we decided to mention all the abilities of the characters so that it will be better for you to select the best one.

Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List

Anime Dimensions Tier List

We have divided the characters into different Tiers from S to F where S for the strongest one and F for the weakest one. Right now there are 18 characters in the game which can be increased with time and we will update the list so make sure you again visit here.

Anime Dimension S Tier

  • Kodotoki
  • Alturia

Anime Dimension A Tier

  • Meguretsu
  • Zetsu
  • Ramura

Anime Dimension B Tier

  • Nojo
  • Tonjuro

Anime Dimension C Tier

  • Cherry
  • Yakaza
  • Itabori
  • Pasta

Anime Dimension D Tier

  • Hatsu
  • Reku

Anime Dimension E Tier

  • Roku
  • Kirua
  • Fluffy
  • Kirua

Anime Dimension F Tier

  • Ichini

Anime Dimension Characters With Ability

Anime Dimension Characters With Ability
CharactersTierAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
AlturiaSCross SlashFlying SliceMana BurstExcalibur
KodotokiSIce WallFire FistFire WallFreezing Heatwave
RamuraABlack LightningGluttonyFlareGod’s Wrath
MeguretsuAFlame BurstFlame BeamTornado (Flame)Explosion
ZetsuAFlashSix-FoldKiwamiThunder God
NojoBBlueRedCurtainHollow Purple
TonjuroBWater SlashWater WheelWhirlpoolFlowing Dance
CherryCThrow KunaiBlossom CrushHealBlossom Strike
ItaboriCRapid FistDivergent FistBlack FlashCursed Awakening
PastaCSlash (Black)Black MeteoriteBlack HurricaneDivider (Black)
YakazaCAir ExplosionAnnihilationCrushCompass
RekuDFinger SmashHand SmashFlying SmashLighting Smash
HatsuDDragon FistDragon RoarWing AttackBlaze
KiruaEThunder PalmLighting RainWhirlwindGodspeed
NardoEThrow KunaiShadow CloneEnergy BallEnergy Shuriken
RokuERapid PunchKi BlastKi BeamSpirit Bomb
IchiniFPiercerSpin SlashCrossSoul Piercer

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