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Project Ghoul Tier List – Kagune Ranking (October 2022)

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Project Ghoul Tier List

Here on this page, we have shared the well-researched Project Ghoul Tier List so that you can select the best Kagune in the game and increase your chance to win the game. If you do not have an idea then let me tell you that Project Ghoul is a very famous Roblox game that is based on the famous Japanese series Tokyo Ghoul anime and in the game players have the option to play as Ghoul or CCG.

So if you play as the Ghoul then you will get the chance to choose the Kagune there are huge numbers of Kagune in the game and selecting the best one plays a very important role in the Project Ghoul whereas CCG solves the case regarding the Ghoul. So now let’s see the best Kagune.

Project Ghoul Tier List

Kagune Ranking

We have divided the Tiers from S to C where S Tier characters are the strongest ones and C Tier characters are the Weakest ones. This list is based on the editor’s research so if you find any changes regarding your characters so do not get offended rather it can happen that you have better skills.

Project Ghoul S Tier List

S Tier characters are the strongest ones whom you can select without a second thought.

CharacterObtaining Chance
T-Owl 0.35%

Project Ghoul A Tier List

These characters don’t lack much but they have slightly low performance than A Tier.

CharacterObtaining Chance

Project Ghoul B Tier List

These players are the average ones whom you can select and only work if you have a proper skill set.

CharacterObtaining Chance

Project Ghoul C Tier List

According to me, you should avoid these characters as they will make you lose the game.

CharacterObtaining Chance
BikakuB 0.35%

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