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Princess Connect Tier List – All Characters Ranked Wise

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Princess Connect Tier List

Here on this page, we have shared the most updated and well-researched Princess Connect Tier List that will help you select the best characters of the game that will increase your chance of winning the various battles that you are going to face in the Princess Connect Re: Dive game.

Princess Connect is a very famous RPG game where you can experience character development, storytelling, and turn-based combat and the game is available for both Android and IOs. The game was initially released in the year 2018 where players have to form their own team and have to battle with their opponents.

As there are a huge no. of characters in the game it becomes very difficult for the players to select the best characters so that they can win the most no. of battles that’s why below we have shared the list of the characters with their ranking in the form of different tiers and now without any further ado let’s check the list.

Princess Connect Tier List

Princess Connect Tier List

We have divided the Princess Connect Tier List into five different tiers that are from tier S to tier D where Tier S contains the best characters of the game that has the ability to make you win the battle and opposite to that Tier S characters are the worst performers of the game with the lowest chance of winning the battles.

Overall Tier List

SHatsune, Djeeta, Rino, Anna, Monika, Akino
ASuzuna, Saren, Ninon, Eriko, Io, Rin, Ayane, Maho, Shiori, Misato, Kokkoro, Jun, Shizuru, Kurumi, Tsumugi, Makoto
BKaryl, Mimi, Yori, Mitsuki, Nozomi, Kaori, Miyako, Misaki, Illya, Rei, Shinobu, Kuka
CAkari, Mifuyu, Chika, Hiyori, Yuki, Tamaki, Lima
DMatsuri , Aoi, Mahiru, Suzume, Misogi, Yukari, Tomo

Defender Tier List

SMiyako, Shizuru, Akino
AKuka, Pecorine, Nozomi, Djeeta, Jun
BMakoto, Lima
CEriko, Misogi, Rei, Kurumi, Tamaki
DHiyori, Kaori

Attacker Tier List

SAkino, Jun
ATsumugi, Makoto, Kaori, Tamaki, Shizuru, Ayane, Djeeta
BRei, Eriko, Hiyori, Nozomi
CMisogi, Miyako, Kurumi
DLima, Tomo, Kuka, Matsuri

Middle Characters Tier List

SSaren, Kokkoro
AAnna, Monika, Akari, Mitsuki, Ninon, Rin
BYukari, Shinobu, Illya, Mifuyu
CMimi, Yori

Supporter Tier List

SRino, Misato, Hatsune
AShiori, Kyoka, Yuki, Io, Suzuna, Maho
BKaryl, Yui , Aoi, Misaki
CChika, Arisa
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