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Pokemon Go Great League Tier List (Updated List)

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Pokemon Go Great League Tier List

In this article, we have shared the Pokemon Go Great League Tier List as after the new Pokemon Go Great League was released all the players are keep on searching for the best Pokemon of the particular League. And here we are going to answer all your questions about the specific things so have patience and let’s get started.

Pokemon Go Great League

Since the game was released developers have made huge numbers of updates in the game and most of the updates were focused on PVP games after a few times they have launched the league games.

In those leagues, the trainer is allowed to take part in online competitive trainer battles and these Leagues include tournaments, cups, and many awesome rewards in every season. And right now 8 seasons have been completed and only the players with more than level 10 can only take part in the Leagues.

Pokemon Go has included Great League, Ultra League, Master League the three different types of Leagues. In the first League Pokemon with more than cp of 1500 can only take part and in the second one Pokemons more than cp of 2500 can not take part and in the last one there is no cap and anyone can take part.

Pokemon Go Great League Tier List

Pokemon Go S Tier Pokemons

Below we have mentioned all the Pokemon and on which tier they fall so read the lists and gain all the important information.

Pokemon Go S Tier Pokemons

NameTypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax Cp At 50Best Moveset
1121522251785Bubble + Ice Beam & Hydro Pump
AltariaDragon/FlyingCloser1412011812266Dragon Breath + Sky Attack & Moonblast
DeoxysPsychoCloser1443301372570Counter + Rock Slide & Thunderbolt or Psycho Boost
Galarian StunkfiskGround/SteelSwitcher/
1441712402445Mud Shot + Rock Slide & Earthquake
MedichamFight/PsychicSwitcher1211521551618Counter + Ice Punch and Psychic or Dynamic Punch
MewPsychicSwitcher2102102253691Shadow Claw + Surf or Flame Charge & Wild Charge
Alolan NinetalesFairy/IceLead1701931772610Charm or Powder Snow + Weather Ball & Psyshock
SableyeDark/GhostDefender1411361371668Shadow Claw + Foul Play & Return or Power Gem or Shadow Sneak

Pokemon Go A Tier Pokemons

NameTypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP At 50Best Moveset
MachamFightLead2341592073455Counter + Close Combat & Rockslide or Cross Chop
VenusaurGrass/PoisonLead1981891903075Vine Whip + Frenzy Plant and Sludge Bomb
JellicentGhost/WaterSwitcher1591782252644Bubble or Hex + Bubble Beam & Shadow Ball or Ice Beam
FroslassGhost/IceSwitcher1711501722306Powder Snow + Avalanche & Shadow Ball
RegisteelSteelCloser1432851902766Lock-On + Flash Cannon & Focus Blast
QuagsireGround/WaterCloser1521432162252Mud Shot + Stone Edge & Earthquake
VigorothNormalDefender1591451902225Counter + Body Slam & Bulldoze

Pokemon Go B Tier Pokemons

NameTypeRoleAttack DefenseStaminaMax CP at 50Best Moveset
Gardevoir Fairy/Psychic Lead2371951693497Charm + Shadow Ball and Synchronise
SkarmoryFlying/SteelLead1482261632383Air Slash + Sky Attack & Brave Bird
1901693303647Lick + Body Slam & Superpower or Earthquake
HeracrossBug/FightCloser2341791903506Counter + Rock Blast & Close Combat or Megahorn or Earthquake
LudicoloGrass/WaterCloser1731761902626Razor Leaf + Ice Beam & Hydro Pump or Leaf Storm
DrapionDark PoisonDefender1802021722773Bite or Ice Fang + Aqua Tail & Fell Stinger or Crunch or Sludge Bomb

Pokemon Go C Tier Pokemons

NameTypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CPBest Moveset
TogekissFairy/FlyingLead2252171983767Charm + Aerial Ace or Ancient Power & Flamethrower
WhimsicottFairy/GrassLead1641761552277Charm or Razor Lead + Grass Knot and Moonblast or Hurricane
DrifblimFlying/GhostDefender1801023122693Hex + Shadow Ball & Icy Wind
Sirfetch’dFightSwitcher2481761583,375Counter or Fury Cutter + Leaf Blade & Close Combat
Alolan RaichuElectric/PsychicCloser2011541552585Volt Switch + Thunder Punch & Grass Knot or Psychic or Wild Charge
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