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Ode To Heroes Tier List (October 2022)

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Ode To Heroes Tier List

Here on this page we have shared well researched Ode To Heroes Tier List that will help you to select the best characters in the game. Ode To Heroes is an amazing game with a mix of awesome arena elements, tremendous graphics, a huge map to explore, and music that is soothing to your ears.

The game has divided the heroes into different factions like wind, water, earth, and more and each has its own abilities that you can use during the battles to beat your opponent. There are 200 heroes in the game to date which also can increase in the coming days but because of such a huge number, it becomes very difficult for the players to select the best squad.

And that’s why we have done our proper research and created this Ode To heroes tier list for you where we have categorized the characters into five different tiers from S to D and I told you more characters can be added with an update means the stats will also get changed which means this tier list will of no use.

But you do not have to worry as we will also update our list as soon as the update will roll out and you can visit again to select the best heroes quickly and can dominate in the game.

Ode To Heroes Tier List

created six different tiers from S to D

We have created six different tiers from S to D where you will find the strongest characters in the S tier and lowest performance characters in the D tier.

Ode To Heroes S Tier

You will find the characters with the best performance in this tier and you should not miss them at any cost.

Da QiaoWindPriest
Xi ShiYangPriest
Xiang YuYangEmperor
Nie ZhengFireAssassin
Li BaiWaterAssassin
Zhong WuyanEarthSpecialist

Ode To Heroes A Tier

A tier characters stats are also very awesome but they are good comparatively to A tier and that why they falls in A tier.

Wu ZetianWaterEmperor
Zhen FuWaterPriest
Cao CaoEarthEmperor
Wang ZhaojunEarthPriest
Zhuge LiangFireScholar
Huang YueyingFireScholar
Xiao QiaoWindPriest

Ode To Heroes B Tier

They are the average stats characters who can support you at the start of the game.

Nie YinniangYinAssassin
Zhang LiangEarthScholar
Zuo CiEarthSpecialist
Mo YeWaterSpecialist
Huang YueyingFireScholar

Ode To Heroes C Tier

C tier characters can only be used as support at the beginning and also not a rare one so use them initially and replace them later.

Yang YuhuanEarthPriest
Lu BuFireEmperor
Gan JiangFireSpecialist
Jing KeWindAssassin
Cai YanWindScholar

Ode To Heroes C Tier

These characters have worst stats and one must not choose them at any cost.

Guan ZhongFireScholar
Zhou YuWindEmperor
Wei ZifuWindPriest
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