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Ni No Kuni Familiar Tier List



Ni No Kuni Familiar Tier List

Here on this page, you can find Ni No Kuni Familiar Tier List, Ni No Kuni is a role-playing game with mechanics similar to those found in the main Pokemon games. When you explore the world, players come into contact with different creatures they can catch and train to fight for them in battle. 

But as there are so many different familiar and some are better at performing than others, it becomes difficult for the players to select the best one. And that’s why we have created this well-researched Ni No Kuni Familiar Tier List for you.

One more thing wants to share with all the Ni No Kuni players is that this tier list can be changed when developers will roll out a new update so you can revisit us and can select the best characters.

Ni No Kuni Familiar Tier List

We have divided the tier list into four different tiers that are from Tier S to Tier C where you can find the best performer of the game in Tier S and other worst performers of the game can be found in Tier C.

S TierDinoceros
S TierLumberwood
S TierBonehead
S TierNapcap
A TierOroboros
A TierMonolith
A TierHooray
A TierThumbelemur
B TierShonky-Honker
B TierPurrloiner
B TierBaddy-Daddy
B TierTokotocold
C TierCogdenser
C TierSnaptrap
C TierHurlcules
  • S Tier – You can find the strongest Familiars here.
  • A Tier – With really good stats but not as good as tier A Familiars.
  • B Tier – Here we have mentioned the average Familiars that have decent stats.
  • C Tier – They are below average but you can use them if you do not have an option.
  • D Tier – They are the weakest Familiars and must not use unless you are left with no other options

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