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Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List (October 2022)

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Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

Here on this page, we have shared the well-researched Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List that will help you to select the best characters of the game that will eventually increase your chance to win the game.

As the game has so many amazing characters but you can only make a team of five which makes it quite difficult for the players to select the best characters.

Here in this game players have been categorized into different factions they belong to and in total there are 7 factions that are Light, Dark, Elemental, Tech, Martial, Order, Chaos and we have made the list by different factions so that it will become easy for you to choose your character.

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

Let’s check out the characters faction by faction and beat your opponents.

Let's check out the characters faction by faction and beat your opponents.


Heroes from this faction have the ability to provide buffs and additional perks to other characters in the combat. Other than they are able to deal with a moderate burst of damage. And these heroes are represented by the color Yellow.

BKagura, Gatotkaca, Silvanna, Uranus, Mecha Layla, Kimmy
CFanny, Chang’e, Freya, Kaja, Guinevere, Gusion
DMinsitthar, Tigreal, Rafaela


Heroes from this faction have the ability of Crowd Controlling and are also able to use the enemy’s strength against them and they are represented by Purple color.

BLylia, Vexana, Selena, Thamuz, Karina
CMoskov, Hanzo, Aldous, Alice, Granger
DBalmond, Bane, Helcurt


The scariest heroes of the game who has great power of crowd controlling which really helps your teams to win the combat and keep your opponent far.

AShah Torre, Shar
BAnna, Apostae
CMartis, Yu Zhong


Can’t say the exact thing but they will come up with their own brilliant inventions that have the ability to change the result of the game.

AAtlas, Angela
BClaude, Karrie, Natan, Mecha Layla, Lolita, Alpha
CLesley, Saber, X.Borg, Jawhead
DDiggie, Bruno, Layla


They are the strongest characters in the game and are also able to provide buffs to their allies, and other than that they are also able to inflict massive bursts of damage and with proper skills, you can make them exceptional fighters.

ALunox, Oberon
BAkashic, Tia, Amaterasu, Xeno
CHwang Jini
DGavana, Karihmet


These are dependent factions that are dependent on elements like ice, fire, earth, and water to cast their abilities.

AHarley, Belerick, Nimbus Eudora
BEsmeralda, Hylos, Estes, Aurora
CValir, Gord
DKadita, Grock, Badang, Cyclops, Miya, Eudora


They are the strongest characters who are also able to deal massive physical damage at the same time they also have the ability of crowd control.

ANimbus Eudora, Irithel
BAkai, Clint, Hanabi, Nana, Masha
CLapu-Lapu, Wanwan, Hayabusa, Lancelot, Zilong
DAlucard, Franco, Hilda, Yi Sun-Shin

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