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Minecraft Mob Vote Tier List 2022

If you are looking for Minecraft Mob Vote Tier List then here, we are going to share a complete tier list.

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Minecraft Mob Vote Tier List

Minecraft is a very popular 3D sandbox game that was developed by Mojang Studios. In this game, players can explore new gaming adventures and lots of things. Players can interact with a modifiable three-dimensional environment that can be made by blocks and entities.

If you are playing Minecraft then you already know about Minecraft Mob Vote. This is the latest event highlight that was held before the live show. Minecraft players can vote among three new Mojang mobs.

This year Mojang has transferred the mob vote to their launcher, Bedrock Edition, and website from Twitter. If you are looking for Minecraft Mob Vote Tier List then here, we are going to share a complete tier list so, be with us till the end and know the ranking of all three new Mojang Mob.

Minecraft Mob Vote Tier List

Here, we are going to be ranking the three mobs in the 2022 Minecraft Mob Vote. We have divided this tier list into three categories S Tier stands for the Fantastic, A Tier stands for Useful and B Tier stands for Lacking.

S Tier

Minecraft Mob Vote Tier List Sniffer

We have ranked Sniffer in S Tier. What was once lost is now discovered in this extinct mob. Resurrect the species and assist it in thriving once more! All you have to do is look for sniffer eggs in underwater ruins, bring them to the surface, and assist them in hatching.

These gentle giants are well-known for their gardening abilities. They are the only ones who can unearth long-lost ancient seeds that can be grown into new, distinct plants!

A Tier

A Tier Minecraft Mob Vote Tuff Golem

We have ranked Tiff Golem in A Tier. This is also a statue that can move. The statue state of this can hold and display any items that you give. Once this wakes up from the statue state then it will stroll around at random and grab dropped items that come across if it is already not holding anyone. This will be a mob that you build just like iron and snow golems.

B Tier

B Tier Minecraft Mob Vote Rascal

Rascal has ranked in B Tier. You can find this mysterious mob in the mines. This loves to play hide and seek in the mines. It’s helpful and playful and gives you hints as you search for it. If you will be able to find it three times then this will reward you with a special prize. You can find Rascal digging deep in the ground. Go below to Y=0 to find it, not in the deep dark.


Minecraft has lots of things to explore and do the latest things every time. This was the complete Minecraft Mob Vote Tier List that ranked Fantastic to Useless Mob. We hope this tier list was very helpful for you.

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