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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List (October 2022)

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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List is a very helpful list for all the players to select the best heroes that will help them to win more and more matches. We have included all the heroes in this list that are currently available in the game. We have provided the rankings on the basis of how strong they are.

If you are just starting out with the Hearthstone Battleground then our Tier List can be a great help for you. We also keep changing the list due to the continuous expansion and changes so that you can select the best of the best heroes.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List

Tier List is always a very helpful list for all the players who want to climb the ladder of the game and want to reach the top of the tally as here they got to know about the best of the players available in the game.

Other than that a Tier List also helps a newbie to select the best character as they are not aware of anything in the game. As we all know no character in any game is perfect it is the skills of the player that make the character strong enough to win the game.

We have divided our list of characters from Tier S to E where the strongest characters fall in the S Tier and the worst characters fall in the E Tier.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds S Tier List

Hearthstone Battlegrounds S Tier List

All the heroes who fall into this category are the strongest and most efficient ones.

Forest Warden OmuEverbloom (Passive)
Fungalmancer FlurglGone Fishing (Passive)
Mutanus the DevourerDevour
Dancin’ DerylHat Trick
Captain HooktuskTrash for Treasure
GalewingDungar’s Gryphon
Millhouse ManastormManastorm (Passive)
Master NguyenPower of the Storm (Passive)
Kurtrus AshfallenFinal Showdown (Passive)
Gain Momentum (Passive)
Close the Portal (Passive)
Arch-Villain RafaamI’ll Take That!

Hearthstone Battlegrounds A Tier List

Because of the few lacks, they didn’t make it to the A Tier otherwise they are really strong characters.

GreyboughSprout It Out (Passive)
Sir Finley MrrggltonAdventure! (Passive)
Ragnaros the FirelordDie, Insects!, Sulfuras (Passive)
N’ZothAvatar of N’Zoth (Passive), Deathrattles
Vol’jinSpirit Swap
The Great AkazamzarakPrestidigitation
The Lich KingReborn Rites
Death Speaker BlackthornBloodbound
Lord BarovFriendly Wager
King MuklaBananarama
Reno JacksonGonna Be Rich!
Silas DarkmoonCome One, Come All! (Passive), Discover
Maiev ShadowsongImprison
Yogg-Saron, Hope’s EndPuzzle Box
Jandice BarovSwap, Lock & Shop It
XyrellaSee the Light
YseraDream Portal (Passive)
C’ThunSaturday C’Thuns!
George the FallenBoon of Light
Al’Akir the WindlordSwatting Insects
GalakrondGalakrond’s Greed
MalygosArcane Alteration
Edwin VanCleefSharpen Blades
TickatusPrize Wall (Passive)

Hearthstone Battlegrounds B Tier List

We have listed all the above-average heroes in this list, so they are good but have some drawbacks which keep them here.

Tess GreymaneBob’s Burgles
NozdormuClairvoyance (Passive)
Kael’thas SunstriderVerdant Spheres
Patches the PiratePirate Parrrrty!
AlexstraszaQueen of Dragons
Trade Prince GallywixSmart Savings (Passive)
Dinotamer BrannBattle Brand
PatchwerkAll Patched Up (Passive)
Millificent ManastormTinker (Passive)
Zephrys, the GreatThree Wishes
Illidan StormrageWingmen (Passive)
Captain EudoraBuried Treasure
Lord JaraxxusBloodfury
Y’ShaarjEmbrace Your Rage (Start of Combat)

Hearthstone Battlegrounds C Tier List

Here in this Tier, you can find the average heroes because of their slow moments.

DeathwingAll Will Burn! (Passive)
SindragosaStay Frosty (Passive)
Skycap’n KraggPiggy Bank
ChenvaalaAvalanche (Passive)

Hearthstone Battlegrounds D Tier List

Here you will find all the below-average Heroes whom you if you choose will going to claim you a life.

Guff RunetotemNatural Balance
PyramadBrick by Brick
Aranna StarseekerDemon Hunter Training
A. F. KayProcrastinate (Passive)
Lich Baz’hialGraveyard Shift
The CuratorMenagerist (Passive)
Infinite TokiTemporal Tavern
Queen WagtoggleWax Warband

Hearthstone Battlegrounds E Tier List

All the heroes who fall in this category are the worst characters available in this game and one must not choose them at any cost.

Overlord SaurfangFor the Horde!
Mr. BigglesworthKel’Thuzad’s Kitty (Passive)
Elise StarseekerLead Explorer (Passive)
RakanishuTavern Lighting
Cariel RoameConviction (Rank 1)
Conviction (Rank 2)
Conviction (Rank 3)
The Rat KingA Tale of Kings (Passive)
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